Zilla is a Kaiju who began as remake version of the famed Godzilla in the 1998 Godzilla movie. But was renamed after fan outcry. This version of the character was from the cartoon Godzilla the series and appears in the retelling of Bleedman's Comic dubbed Powerpuff Girls D Super.


Zilla or rather Zilla jr. Is an offspring from the original Zilla that rampaged through New York. The new Creature's egg was discovered by scientist Nick Tatopoplous, who in a manner adopted him after the hatchling imprinted on him as a parent. From then on Zilla, growing to full height, stuck with Nick and his research team HEAT. After many adventures battling various kaiju, HEAT had disbanded and Zilla had been allowed to find peace on his own. He was living peacefully on an island, Until he was captured by Brisbane's Global Defenders force to be used as a Weapon. After the Rowdyruff boys had discovered Brisbane's evil intentions, They freed themselves and Zilla. Since then he has stuck with the boys and comes to the aid of the Team when Dangers threaten.


Zilla looks as he did in Godzilla: The Series, albeit drawn in Bleedman's style.

Powers and abilities

Zilla possess many of powers it parent the original Zilla possessed and many Godzilla himself possess but it's unknown if he capable of the same sheer Destructive power Godzilla is capable of.