Vatican Seal
Name Vatican
Origin Hellsing Ultimate/Real-Life
Leader The Pope
Notable Members The Conclave
The 13 Sections
Status Active

The Vatican is a religious group, located in Rome. It is the nerve center of the Catholic Church and is the home of its leader, the Pope. It is mentioned in Powerpuff Girls Ω. This representation of the Vatican is based on the Vatican in the manga/anime series: Hellsing/Hellsing Ultimate


The Vatican City is the smallest sovereign nation in the world and is ruled by the Pope. It is profilated itself as the One True Church for ages and likes to been seen as a force of moral good in the world. But beneath this respectable exterior, the Vatican has some rather dark secrets that they rather hide from the world. Namely, their 13 Special Divisions, specialized in collecting divine and occult artifacts, cover-ups and protection of their followers from monsters. All groups consist out nuns, monks, diakens, priests and (arch-)bischops.

The Special Divisions

Vatican Section I: Iesus

Vatican Section I: Iesus, also known as The Miracle Workers, is the first of the thirteen divisions. Its members are specialized in investigating and verifying claims of miracles. Before a miracle can be recognized as a miracle, they have to have investigated it before. This part of the job is rather known to people but what people don't know is the fact they also investigate accounts of people with divine abilities and try to recruit them for the other Divisions of the Vatican.

Vatican Section II: Peter

Vatican Section II: Peter, also known as The Swiss Guard, is the second division. They are the personal guard of the Pope and protect the Vatican. What people don't know about Section II, is the fact that they are the Vaticans army. They are known to be specialists in theology and the occult and will live and die for the protection of his Holyness. They provide the security of the Vatican and protect it against both normal as supernatural threats. In order to provide this protection, the group employs, next to well-trained warriors, mages and wizards.

Vatican Section III: Matthaues

Vatican Section III: Matthaeus, also known as The Collectors, is the third division. They scavage the Earth to collect religious artifacts, and especially the Arma Christi and investigate them. The main goal of Section III, is keeping the Arma Christi out of the hands of their enemies as these are very powerful artifacts. They also make counterfeits which are sent to dioceses, in exchange for the real item. Some of the more radical members of Section III, engage in human experiments with the Arma Christi, creating Monsters of God. The most notorious case was the self-imposed transformation of Father Alexander Anderson, using one of the Nails of Helena. 

Vatican Section IV: Philippus

Vatican Section IV: Philippus, also The Librarians, is the fourth division. Similar to Vatican Section III, they scavage the Earth to collect books and documents and put them into the Vatican Secret Archives. The nature of the books vary incredibly, the most innocent of books and documents were banned for their erotic or blasphemous content but others are occult in nature, contain spells, or even dark magic and a few are even alive. The Library of Section IV is said to the largest on Earth, surpassing the Library of Alexandria.

Vatican Section V: Iacobus

Vatican Section V: Iacobus, also known as The Orphanage, is the fifth division. Closely allied to the other sections, every orphan given to the care of the Church is sent to Vatican Section V, where they are grow up to become a future generation of agents of the Sections. Based on the talents, the childern will be later drafted into one of the sections. Due to this, many of members of the other sections, also work at the orphanage when they aren't on duty. If one of the children would decide to leave the Church, they are sent to Vatican Section VII: Thomas, to be stripped of their memories, before being given a cover story of their past.

Vatican Section VI: Simon

Vatican Section VI: Simon, also known as The Prophets, is the sixth division. It is the smallest division of the Vatican, consisting out of three members and one leader at the moment. As it nickname suggest, it employs Seers. The Seers live after close doors and have little contact with others. If they have a vision however, a bell is rung and a letter is given to the leader, a Bishop who will bring it to the Pope. Vatican Section VI: Simon also has the most contact with the Hellguard, a Heavenly elite of Angels.

Vatican Section VII: Thomas

Vatican Section VII: Thomas, also known as The Mist Makers, is the seventh division and is trained to cover-up for the rest of the divisions and the misconduct of its priests. They are sent out to remove all evidence of the Vatican's involvement in events as well as erase the memories of any witnesses. They also erase the memories of everyone who wants to leave one of the sections.

Vatican Section VIII: Andreas

Vatican Section VIII: Andreas, also known as The Fishermen, is the eighth division and probably the biggest divisions with members all over the globe. They have infiltrated every government, corporation and almost every organization in the world and collect information from around the globe, so the Vatican is one of the first organization to discover something that involves their interest. This allows the Vatican to quickly deploy their agents to deal with the problems.

Vatican Section IX: Bartholomaeus

Vatican Section IX: Bartholomaeus, also known as Business Relations is the ninth division and is basically the spokeperson of the Vatican when it comes to cooperating with other organizations like The Center, the Hellsing Organization, the Islamic Organization Against Demons and the Occult (IOADO) and others. They are often looked down upon by the other divisions, especially by those who believe that the Vatican would be the only organization in its kind and diplomacy is overrated when dealing with "heathens".

Vatican Section X: James

Vatican Section X: James, also known as The Exorcists, is the tenth division. After the section I and VIII have varied a claim of a demonic possession, one of the priests of Vatican Section X is send. These are professional exorists and are able to force demons out of people. Due to the risk of the work, Vatican Section X have to posses complete devotion to their work and have no vices. They also have to be willing to die for their job as this is a risk they face.

Vatican Section XI: Iudas

Vatican Section XI: Iudas, also known as The Weapon Masters is the eleventh division. They make the weapons used by both Vatican Section II: Peter, and Vatican Section XIII: Iscariot. They make the guns, lances and bayonates used by these sections, and bless them, so they can be used in combat against demons and vampires. They also make the war helicopters and defense systems for the vatican. They work very close together with Vatican Section XII: Ioannes.

Vatican Section XII: Ioannes

Vatican Section XII: Ioannes, also known as The Biotechnians, is the twelveth division. They are bio-enigeers who fuse science and religion in the creation of bio-weapons. They are leading scientist on the creation of transhumans known as Regenerators and have been able to create warriors that can't be permanently with regular weaponry. Only specially design, anti-freak cannons can harm a Regenerator created by Section XII. They were responsible for the creation of Regenerators like Alexander Anderson and Heinkel Wolfe, and according to rumors might have been responsible for the creation of Jason Voorhees, although this is a claim that they always refuted.

Vatican Section XIII: Iscariot

Vatican Section XIII: Iscariot, also known as The Monster Hunters, is the thirtheenth and final division. They are the special forces of the Vatican and have only one purpose: kill the demonic, destroy the vampiric and purge the unclean. The Iscariots are notorious vampire killers, the best in the business, next to the Hellsing Organization, who consider themselves as a necessary evil on Earth, to protect it from even worse monsters then themselves. The Iscariots are completely devoted to their general, a regenerator and their leader, a bishop and would do anything to die at their side in battle. They have no problem with killing innocent people if that would be necessary and often consists out the most radical catholics that has joined the ranks of the Vatican. They are known to have killed people of other sections for acts of betrayal towards the Vatican and are often considered to be the Vatican's cleaning crew.


  • In Hellsing, only two Sections were ever mentioned, Section III and Section XIII. The other sections and their purposes are fan ideas by Belgiansparten.
  • The sections are named after Jesus and his apostles. Where possible, the name of the apostle has a connection to what the Section does:
    • In the Bible, Jesus was known for performing miracles, Section I investigates claims of Miracles.
    • In the Bible, Peter was the one who wanted to fight for his master and protect him, Section II protects the Vatican.
    • In the Bible, Jacob was credited as Jacob the minor, Section V works with minors.
    • In the Bible, Andreas was a fisherman, Section VIII "fishes" for information where ever it can.
    • Bartholomew is said to have spread Christianity in India, Section IX works together with different religious groups.
    • Two apostles are named Judas and are sometimes mistaken for each other, Section XI and XIII work strongly together.