Name Transhuman
Reside in Earth
Species Human
Known characters Brother Blood

Transhumans, also called Metahuman are a subspecies of human, who possess extraordinary or unique abilities. These abilities vary in nature and can range from peak human to divine.  The origin of these abilities can be the result of technological, extraterrestrial or mystical alterations and enhancements that take place on a genetical level. This does exclude Cyborgs and hybrid beings however. Individuals form who these alterations and enhancements are only temporary or periodically in nature, are considered to be transhuman for the duration of these enhancements.


  • Type I: Peak Human. The Transhuman abilities are in line with that of other humans. This means that most of their abilities are in the range from those possessed by regular humans to olympic athletes levels. Their transhuman nature is expressed through physical attributes or passive abilities normally not found in humans.
  • Type II: Superhuman. The Transhuman abilities surpass that of other humans, meaning that is able to hold its own against plenty of human opponents and Type I transhumans. The transhuman's abilities are active but are rather limited. The transhuman abilities ranges from small scale to a local scale.
  • Type III: Supernatural. The Transhuman abilities are well-controlled and allows the transhuman to take on monsters, demons and small armies. The transhuman abilities are active and range from local scale (although surpassing Type II Transhumans), to national scale. Their abilities are very strong, making them very dangerous. 
  • Type IV: Demigod. The Transhuman abilities are on par of that of a demigod, allowing them to take on large armies, kaijus and demon lords. The transhuman abilities are active and range from continental and global scale.
  • Type V: Divine. This is the highest level, the transhumans abilities are on par of that of  Underlords, gods, titans and even Celestials. The transhuman abilities range from a galactic scale to an absolute level.

Known Transhumans

Type I

Type II

Type III

Type IV

Type V

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