The Three Judges
Three Judges
Credits of the original art goes to Darksilvania from DeviantArt
Name The Three Judges
Alias Aeacus (left head)
Minos (middle head)
Rhadamanthus (right head)
Origin Original Creation/Greek Mythology
Sex Identify male
Age Ageless
Species Cosmic Being
Status Alive
Eye Color None
Hair Color None
Occupation(s) The Judge of Reality
Residence Limbo

The Three Judges are minor but important characters in the Ω Universe. The Three Judges are three cosmic beings, sharing one body. It appears as a giant cerberusian being made of both darkness and light. It three heads contain it three minds are and are named Aeacus (L), Minos (M), Rhadamanthus (R). They were created after the Great Divide and are ordered to keep the balance in the world. As their name suggests, the Three Judges judge all who threaten the balance and are the only one who can sanction a soul to Oblivion. They also hold the power of the Seven Seals. Finally, they were known to make examples out of individuals, the prime example of this is the fate of the Ancient Great Dragon, Niddhog, who, after trying to eat the Tree of Life, destroying life in the Sol System, was made into the whip they use to punish others.




Powers and abilities

  • Absolute Attack: An attack fired by the Three Judges can't be blocked, by any target.
  • Absolute Immortality: The Three Judges are amongst the beings closet to truly Unreapable, only a Celestial of Death at its full potentional could possibly reap his souls. The only way to truly destroy them however would be, by sending to Oblivion.
  • Absolute Intelligence: The Three Judges have access to all information in the universe, a position shared with only two other characters.
  • Anti-Storage: The Three Judges can't be contained by any means possible.
  • Balance: The Three Judges are created from both light and darkness, having reached the ultimate equilibrium between good and evil. This allows it to manipulate and combine all concepts of the Universe, combining opposites in destructive ways.
  • Omnilock: The Three Judges aren't bound to reality and can exist outside reality, time and space if he so desired.
  • Immutability: The Three Judges can't be manipulated by any means or in any way. This make them impervious to control.
  • Judgement Manipulation: The Three Judges can judge anyone and anything, deciding what will happen to all. There is no limit to who or what they can judge or the decision they can take. They can take away ones power and are the only ones who can condemn someone to Oblivion. Their resolve is absolute and can't be altered unless the Judges so desired. Despite their immense power, they have no direct control to the portal of Oblivion. 
  • Self-Sustenance: The Three Judges required no sustenance nor rest.
  • Singularity: The Three Judges are unique in their existence and neither their form nor their abilities can be replaced or taken on by any other being, in existence.