The Omega Event
Destruction Townsville

Powerpuff Girls Ω


September 7th, 2010


Officially recognized places
United States of America:

  • Amity Park, Minnesota
  • Cityville, New York
  • Dimmsdale, California
  • Endsville, Arizona
  • Nowhere, Kansas
  • Townsvile, New York

Other places:


Recognized numbers:
*Six cities destroyed
*16 million people deceased
Real numbers:
*Seven cities destroyed
*18,6 million people deceased

  • Omega Fiend (Assumed cause)

The Omega Event is a cataclysmic event that ravaged 6 cities in the United States and 1 city in Mexico. The event led to the creation of Megaville.


Not much is known about the Omega Event. Even five years after the Omega Event, and despite being investigated by the greatest mind it is still unknown who caused the event or why. 

The epicenter of the event is believed to be Nowhere, Kansas however. It was the first city to be attacked and all but a dog perished in this initial attacks. Ten minutes after the initial event, the city of Endsville was attacked, soon followed by Townsville, Cityville and eventually Amity Park and Dimmsdale. All the attacks are short in time and where in fact a swift strike on each city, killing almost any life instantily. For unknown reasons was the dead toll in Dimmsdale and Endsville incredibly low, despite the massive destruction dealt to both cities. Approximatly 1% and 5% of all victims died respectively in Dimmsdale and Endsville. The highest death numbers were counted in Townsville, with only four survivors, Nowhere, where only a dog survived the massive attack and Cityville, which was left completely devoid of life.

Unbeknownst to many people, there was a 7th city destroyed by the attack. Miracle City in Mexico. But due to an eloborate cover-up by unknown agencies and for unknown purposes. Much of what happened in Miracle City remains unknown due this cover-up.


The Omega Event would officially be end of 16 million people (18.6 million with the eventual death toll in Miracle City), becoming known as the deadliest terrorist attack, surpassing The Zeppelin Affair of 1996 with 13 million. In the aftermath, Lex Luthor, started campaigning for a project named Megaville, in which the survivors of the Omega Event would get a new home and would be a crucible of culture, adopting several styles of the destroyed cities. For this project, he enlisted the help of fellow billionaires and he got his aid from the likes of Bruce Wayne, Gomez Addams and Oliver Queen.

His efforts to build Megaville had a great effect on his presidential campaign and Lex Luthor would become 45th President on November 6th, 2012. Five years after the Omega Event, a monument would be revealed in Megaville. Two years after the cover-up of Miracle City, the destruction was discovered but at this point, any help was too late. In order to cover this blantant act of negligence, the fall of Miracle City was listed as a stand-alone event, by a yet unknown terrorist group who has ties to Miracle City Underworld. Miracle City became a villainous hellhole, now known as New Miracle City.

This conspiracy led El Tigre to become a villain who after being trained by Brother Blood, set out to start a murder spree to avenge all who have died in due this lack of action.