The Center
The Center
The insigna of the Center
Name The Center
Origin Martin Mystery
Leader M.O.M.
Notable Members Martin Mystery
Diana Lombard
Status Active
The Center is a global organization, monitoring and investigating all paranormal activities in the world and is led by the Manager of Mysteries, or M.O.M. for short. After the Omega Event, it fused with Guys in White and Bureau of Paranormal Investigation. It has been mentioned in Powerpuff Girls Ω.


The exact origin of The Center is unknown but is said to be the oldest in its kind, after the Vatican Special Divisions and be over 500 years old. Since its conception, its agents has been scouring the Earth, collecting stories, mythes and artifacts, eventually creating a collection that surpassed the Vatican Library. For centuries, they have investigated paranormal activities, having adopt an uneasy truce with the Vatican over the years.

In 1506, Agents of The Center captured the Soul Vampire Queen Simone and her husband, Gerard in Paris, France. Her saliva was collected for further study, before she broke containment and escaped. She wouldn't be seen again until 2006, where she started a new wave of terror until she was kiled by Center' agent Java The Caveman.

In 1947, The Center investigated an ufo crash in Roswell. One of the survivors of the crash was the Alien Warlord Ganthar. But the mighty warrior hadn't come to conquer. Having grown sorrowful about his former life, Ganthar came to Earth in an attempt to fake his death and start a new life. With the help of the Center, Ganthar's appearance was altered and he adopted the new identity of Billy. The Roswell Incident was covered up.

In 1994, an 18 year old Olivia Mandell (alias, real name unknown) drove an ice cream truck. Despite being the daughter of two paranormal investigators, her mother being the-then head of the Center, being M.O.M. and went catching tornados when she was a child with her parents, she iniatily had no interest in battling the paranormal. As a seller of ice cream, she had plenty of contact with childern and was familiar with their unbridled imagination. But in the summer of 1994, a story came to her ears that was so odd, she immediately suspected that this wasn't mere imagination. The child told her that her mother was in acting strange and eat strange things. With no proof, she decided to investigate the case on her own, instead of calling the Center. She quickly learned that this was a mistake as the girl's household was indeed plagued by a paranormal entity.

Under the guise of a teacher, she went to the mother, to talk about her daughter. As the mother offered her glass of water, Olivia told her that she was worried about the strange behavior of her daughter. At first, the mother seemed worried about her daughter, before asking Olivia why she wasn't drinking her water, before nipping from her own glass. Olivia obliged by drinking from her glass, notice that the water had high iron concentration. She also noticed the mother doesn't seemed to be bothered by this. In order to investigate this further, she mentioned that in the local school had meteors on display in their science class.

As she expected, she saw the mother left her house that night and broke into the school. Meanwhile Olivia went to the house of the woman, waiting for her to return. She hadn't to wait long however and soon, the woman came home, still eating the meotorite. Caught by Olivia, a male voice, listening to the name Gastromo, told her he had infected the woman. He revealed to be the part of a parastic race of bodysnatcher. He reveals his plans to infect the rest of the planet, starting with her. He was however stopped during his first attempt after she was able to fight him off and pushed him into an aquarium, breaking the glass. The water hurted Gastromo and he fled. At first, she thought it was the water but she quickly realized that this was impossible since Gastromo drank water before. She quickly realize that it was a saltwater aquarium, revealing that Gastromo's weakness is salt. Armed with this information, she informed The Center, before hunting him down.

She was however unsuccesful at first, as the bodysnatcher seemingly disappeared. The woman was discovered mostly unharmed (beside some small wounds, caused by Gastromo) but the creature was gone. Gastromo would find her however, attacking her at her house and almost killing her. She did manage to beat him however by hitting him with a pack of salt, immobilizing Gastromo and his host completely. After The Center contained him, her mother offered her again to become an agent. The gratitude of the girl and her mother, convincing her to accept the offer.

In 2002, her mother retired and The Center needed a new director. But as the lasting result of a curse placed on the organization in 1687, males were eliminated from becoming the director. In the 8 years that she had worked for the Center, both as an agent as a researcher, she had become one of their top assets and therefore she was unanimously voted to become the new director, the new M.O.M. 

In 2005, after accidentally capturing a Phantom Werewolf, 15 year old Martin Mystery became an agent of the Center. His stepsister Diana Lombard would later follow him as his field partner and after a mission with an Evil Paleontologist, a neanderthal, named Java joined the duo. Martin and his friends would quickly grew in the ranks of the Center and become one of their top agents and personal favorites of M.O.M. After graduating, Martin and Diana joined the Center full time.

In January 2011, the UN decided that the various paranormal agencies had to merge for better cooperation. The Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense became its US branch as well as "Agents of Last Resort." The Guys In White were also assimilated as a reaction to leaked files of dangerous and even world threatening experiments surfaced on Wikileaks.


The Center investigates a large amount of strange occurances all around the world, this include:

  • Extraterrestrial
  • Extradimensional
  • Ethereal
  • Ancient
  • Magical
  • Divine
  • Demonic



The Center Head Quarters
The Headquarters of The Center is located in an alternate dimension and can only be entered through special portals that can be created almost everywhere. In the Headquarters, Agents' identities are verified through iris and fingerprint scans. If a person can't identify as agents, they are taken away by Center agents, for identification, interrogation and eventually memory erasion. In the headquarters of the Center, agents, mostly of alien origin, monitor the planet, upgrade the Legendex and tries to break codes. Other agents investigates the artifacts found by field agents or experiments with technology, specimens and even concepts. At the Headquarters, there is also a prison, where captured beings are held and researched. Sometimes, artifacts holding creatures are opened in containment to further study the creature.

M.O.M.'s office is at the inner sanctum of The Center and often used as her personal laboratory for her experiments.

Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense.

For years, the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense was one of the leading organizations combatting paranormal threats. Founded in 1944 as the Allies answer to the Occult operations of the Nazis. After World War II, it was closely allied to the USAAF. Often battling the forces of Hell as well as an ancient deities, it employed plenty of "Enhanced Talent" agents to even the odds. Their most famous asset was Anung Un Rama, AKA Hellboy. After the Omega Event, they were absorbed by The Center. Their headquarters were repurposed as training grounds and home for these special assets, who became Agents of Last Resort in the reformed group.

Guys in White

MDG 09
Guys in White was a Secret Government Organization, closely allied to the CIA. It was originally meant to only hunt ghosts and return them to the Ghost Zone, and was the brain child of its first director, Walker. Ironically, after his dead, he became a ghost himself. In recent years, the agency has significantly changed its policies. Instead of simply fighting ghosts, they have made it their priority to kill ghosts and exterminate any paranormal being in existence. This put them on bad footing with other paranormal organisations who want to have peaceful relationships with paranormal societies, only interfering when people are at harm. Much of their doing remained unknown, until recently their files were leaked and exposing not only their incompetence but also how they kept important information hidden from other organisations and attempted to perform a world-threatening experiments. In light of this, they were taken over by The Center and became their branch of ethereal investigation.

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