The following is a list of some rules for this wiki, incorporated by many wikis. If you have any question or have suggestions to improve/change any of these rules, please start a discussion at: Board:Questions and Answers or ask one of the admins/bureaucrat at Snafu Comics Fan Fiction Wiki:Staff.

What should be on this wiki

This wiki contains fan fiction stories, characters and idea, based on Snafu Comics. Due to the nature of Snafu Comics, this allows the writer an incredible amount of freedom. What is welcome on this wiki:


Anything based on any of the snafu comics (PPGD, GT, SB, PSG2...): This includes sequels, prequel, in-universe stories and retellings. When choosing a title, the user have to be aware of two things however:

  • Make sure that the title you give to your story isn't already used by another user. When this happens, the rule is as following, the one who was first, gets to keep the title. And don't try to bypass this rule by altering the spelling. We want originality. Be creative!
  • Make sure that the abbreviation you are going to use for your story is unique and isn't in use by another user. If this happen, the same rule as above applies. You are allowed however to mix Capital and small letters if the most logical abbreviation for your series is already taken.

The author of the story is asked to mention his user name on the story page, this way it is easier for fans to discover more of the author's work and allows the admins to keep track of unauthorized edits to a page. (See Code of Conduct)


A story is nothing without its characters and once again, we want to give the writer as much freedom as possible. If you want to use a character that already has a page on this wiki, you can create a new page for this character, under the condition that you add the abbreviation of your series behind it. For popular characters, this will be standard to begin with. Characters from the comics: These are free for all to use. Real-life/Fictional characters: Users are allowed to use every character they like in their fanfiction (as long as it isn't pornographic in nature): this includes characters from history, from comics, from cartoons, from TV series, from books, from film, from video games, from manga and from anime... All is fair game and allows the user to be as creative as they can. Original characters: this is a no-brainer, of course, users can create their own original characters. The only legal restriction there is, is the fact that if you use someone else artwork, the artist has to be credited (and you have to make sure you can use it, not everyone of DeviantArt allows that.). For the rest, do your thing. If you want to use an original character created by another user however, you have to ask permission first. The same goes with artwork created by another user. If the artwork of an original character is created by a third party however, you have only to credit that third party, in case it is a DeviantArt artist.

For details on how pages should be formatted, see the Manual of Style.

What should not be on this wiki


NSFW is Not Suitable For Work and so, Not Suitable For Wiki. This wiki isn't meant for posting pornographic, homophobic, racist or otherwise inappropriate or offensive content. Characters that possess such traits are fair game but at no point, should the reader get the feeling these are views shared with by the writer itself. Failure to comply will result in a removal of said content and a warning will be given to the publisher.

Extreme Graphic Depiction of Violence

Personally, I do horror content and have little problems with blood and gore. That said, there is no reason to write drawn-out long descriptions of torture and violence. It isn't edgy, and overdoing it will only ruin your story. Nobody is interested in a torture scene with a duration of three pages... You can have mature content in your stories and graphic description of violence but if the Bureaucrat or an admin find it too much, or if we get complains about it, the author will receive a warning and failure to comply, will result in a removal of the story. Imagery of blood and gore, other than from an animated source, will removed automatically.

User pages and talk pages

Please do not edit other people's user profile pages. You may leave messages on user talk pages, but again, you have no right to alter or delete messages from other people's user talk pages.

Note that administrators may edit your user page if they contain things like incorrect categories or incorrect use of templates, which would have affect the main pages in any way, but you will always be informed about this, with a clear explanation why certain action have been taken.

You may not delete or alter existing posts on any talk pages, even your own for other purposes than archiving or fixing vandalism or broken formatting. Deleting warnings by admins against you on your talk page is not only not allowed, it is also useless. Anyone can see the past history of the page, whenever they want. Try to cover up warnings, doesn't make them go away and will only result in another warning.

Vandalism and bad edits

Under no circumstances, will we allow vandalism! It is disrespectful for our users, who work hard on these pages and if we catch a user who purposefullly vandalize, we will take the necessary steps to sanction that person.

When fixing vandalism or bad edits in general, the first thing you should do, is check the history. In many cases will only the last edit be a bad edit/vandalism, and can problems be resolved by undoing the edit. When dealing with a series of bad edits, find the last good version of the page, go to the old version by clicking the date and then edit (or save) that version. This will revert the page to its original state.

If you can't figure out how to fix it, then leave a message with an admin, telling them about the problem.

After fixing vandalism/bad edit, leave a polite message in the user's talk page. When you suspect that they were acting in bad faith and the vandalism was done on purpose, inform an admin. He/she will look into it and take the necessary steps to sanction that person (when there is enough evidence that this was an act of vandalism). When you suspect that they were acting in good faith, if the user was trying to help but just didn't understand the right way or made a mistake, then leave only a polite message on their user's talk page. No further actions are required.

There's no need to respond to vandals with angry messages. Doing so just encourages them to vandalize more, because they are probably trying to provoke that kind of reaction.

Code of Conduct

Main article: Snafu Comics Fan Fiction Wikia:Code of Conduct

Violations of the Code of Conduct are the same as violations of the rules. See Snafu Comics Fan Fiction Wikia:Code of Conduct for details.

Manual of Style

Main article: Snafu Comics Fan Fiction Wikia:Manual of Style

Violations of the Manual of Style are similar to violations of the rules, although it would take multiple instances for it to become the same. See Snafu Comics Fan Fiction Wikia:Manual of Style for details.

Dealing with rule violations

Only admins can block users. The folloPwing are warnings and responses that admins may use against users who break the rules, policies, or code of conduct.

  1. Warning-Request: this is a polite message on the user's talk page, explaining what they did wrong (in case of a bad edit, give them advice for future edits), with a friendly request not to do it again in the future. This action can be taken by any user and has no other consequences to the user who received it, as it is only meant as to inform the user.
  2. Warning: this is a polite message on the user's talk page, explaining what they did wrong, either for breaking the rules, policies or code of conduct or by ignoring an earlier warning-request. The user will be asked not to do it again in the future. This action can be taken by any yser and has no other consequences to the user who received it. But that user have to keep in mind that unlike the Warning-Request, this is a clear warning and warnings are finite!
  3. Final Warnings: If a user received multiple warnings (this can be for breaking the same rule, or for breaking several rules), he will eventually receive a final warning. This can action is to be taken by an admin and will warn the user that by further violations, he/she will be sanctioned appropriately. A warning about vandalism by an Admin counts as a final warning!
  4. Blocks of a duration of 1 to 7 days: If a user have received multiple warnings and eventually the final warning and still violates the rules, will have his account blocked by one of the admins for 1 day up to a week, based on how severe the violations were. Keep in mind that once you have been blocked by an admin, you are burned for life by that admin, as he won't take any other violation by you lightly.
  5. Blocks of 1 to 4 weeks: If a user have received multiple warnings and eventually the final warning and still violates the rules, in this case more persistent and/or serious violations or been blocked before, will have his account blocked by one of the admins for 1 week up to a month, based on how severe the violations were.
  6. Blocks of 1 or more months: if a user has been blocked before, and on return keep making serious violating to rules, will be blocked again for a 1 month to a year, based on how numerous, persistent and serious the violations were (Keep in mind that after a block, the slate isn't wiped clean).
  7. Permanent block: a permanent block is reserved for only a few special cases:
    • Users that engage in persistent, serious vandalism, especially if the account is used only for vandalism.
    • Users who have come back from multiple temporary blocks in the past but still continue to break rules.
    • Accounts that are confirmed to be sock puppets can be blocked permanently. Also, it is against the rules to create a new account to get around an existing ban. Such accounts should be blocked permanently, but only if it is known with certainty that the account is used by the same person who used a currently-blocked account.

Administrators should provide a clear explanation when performing any block. If a block is neither permanent nor for vandalism, the admin should leave a polite message on the user's talk page explaining why they were blocked and asking the user to return if they can follow the rules in the future.

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