Snafu Comics Fan Fiction wiki

Welcome to the Snafu Comics Fan Fiction Wiki

The Snafu Comics Fan Fiction Wiki is a fan fiction spin-off wiki of Snafu Comics Wiki. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit most articles!


This wiki is meant for the fans and their take on the comics of Snafu Comics. The wiki allows registered users, to write their own stories and create their own characters, inside Snafu Comics Universe. If you are looking for information of the original canon or the comics, you can visit Snafu Comics Wiki, this wiki deals exclusively with fan fiction.

House Rules

If you have questions how to format a page, what you can and can't add to the wiki or think you have come across that doesn't belong on this wiki, consult our house rules:

  • Rules: the general rules concerning stories and story-elements as well bad edits and vandalism.
  • Manual of Style: the rules about formatting pages.
  • Code of Conduct: the rules about language and behavior on the wiki.

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