Skyway Patrol
Skyway Patrol
Name Skyway Patrol
Origin My Life as a Teenage Robot
Status Active
Skyway Patrol is a military organization, closely allied to the Men in Black. Where the Men in Black monitor every alien activity on Earth, Skyway Police monitors human technology, especially advanced robotica, planes and shuttles. It originates from the cartoon series, My Life as a Teenage Robot.


Skyway Patrol was formed during the cold war, first as measure to monitor the sky to minimize spying. Although this had little to no effect, due to its bureaucracy amongst other problems, the project wasn't cancelled and with the rise of the scientific improvements in the fields of robotica and private aircrafts, it was repurposed to monitor said activities. It also started to specialize in protecting Earth against artificial lifeforms. In the 1960's Nora Wakeman was drafted as one of the first recruits of the group. As a specialist in robotics, she would create Armagedroid in 1970's as a radical solution to stop a conflict between Earth and the Cluster. Armagedroid was the predecessor to the XJ line and meant to destroy every weapon it saw. It was too successful, and after winning the war for the humans, it turned on men and tried to destroy the weapons of humans. They manage to trick Armagedroid into entering the Earth's core, hoping to destroy it but they failed. Armagedroid was still whole, although trapped.

After imprisoning Armagedroid, the Skyway Patrol ordered Wakeman to create a second Armagedroid, one that would follow orders better. But knowing how dangerous this would have been, she refused and was dishonorary discharged for this.

The organization would develop a feud with Wakeman and her inventions, espeically with the XJ-line.

They were mentioned by Professor Utonium as one of the organizations investigating the Omega Event.

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