Rosario Grim is a crossover story between Grim Tales and the Anime Rosario + Vampire. It features Grim Tale's characters five years after the Demon Reaper crisis as teenagers. Mature content warning.

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Junior has given the Nergaling back to Minnie, as a result he retains only his natural reaper abilities. His mind has been severely warped and broken by it's influence as will be recurring theme and plot point throughout the story.

Chapter 1

On Minnie and Junior's first day of highschool the pair think back to a conversation with their parents Mandy and Grim in which the pair explain that the duo are being sent to a highschool in the human world for monsters known as the Yokai Academy, per Junior's one requirement that he be as far away from his mother as possible.

Per the academies golden rule, all students must remain in human form at all times, Mandy gives Junior Encroaching Doom Syndrome which as in the television series, grants Junior a human form. On their way to the school Junior and Minnie encounter the Vampire Moka Akashiya whom Minnie befriends before the pair make their way over to the academy.

At the Grim castle Mandy is watching events surrounding Junior and Minnie unfold when her youngest children at four years old Manuel Phantom and Daniela Phantom walks in on her. Daniela grows concerned with Junior and is left alone in the living room while Mandy goes to deal with a rampaging Manuel. In the mean time Junior and Minnie arrive at the Yokai academy where a discussion between the two breaks down and they decide to see what secrets about the academy they can find.

They decide to start with the Nurse, more accurately to determine a way of Neutralizing the encroaching doom syndrome. They however get caught up in the opening assembly where they spot a man named Vlad Masters who they note suspiciously resembles Dan Phantom. Vlad is apparently the schools new sponsor giving it additional funding and upgrades to it's digital and electronic infrastructure.

Class doesn't go well for the siblings, with Minnie having been skipped ahead a grade she's now in Junior's freshman class. The teacher, a Nekomata named Shizune Nekomone reiterates the school's strict policies about no humans and the need to remain disguised at all times. Minnie becomes the object of unwanted affection of one of her classmates Saizou Komaiya, a Juevinile delinquent at the school as part of his parole.

Moka arrives late to class and quickly and warmly greets Minnie in a overly affectionate manner, quickly giving birth to rumors about the two. Junior's intervention earns him the wrath of the class but he quickly cowes them into submission. The rest of the day is boring and eventually ends at the girl's dormitory where Minnie changes out of her uniform into something more comfortable.

There Junior quickly gets into another fight with Saizou, one that quickly ends in Junior's favor after doing notable damage to the dormitory. The duo are found by the dormitory's head teacher Ririko Kagome who gives them both detention fixing the dorm. Moka is scared by the fight making Minnie note that she'll have to deal with the situation later.

In the meantime Mandy has caught up with her son and is in the process of putting him and Daniela to sleep, only to discover that she is missing with her prophecy orb. Deducing where she is going Mandy travels to the Yokai Academy. While Junior is fixing the dorm Moka and Minnie discuss Junior's personal history.

For as long as Minnie can remember Junior has been the subject of physical and emotional abuse by his peers, stemming from the fact that he is the next Grim Reaper and thus will eventually be tasked with the unfortunate task of killing them. Moka similar has been in human school's all her life, and has been the subject of emotional abuse by her human peers for being different.

In the meantime a second confrontation between Junior and Saizou is being observed by Vlad. Saizou attempts to goad Junior into fighting him by revealing that he's aware of some of the details of his past, but Junior is not interested in the matter until Saizou threaten's Daniela who stumbles upon the situation looking for Junior.

A talking bat named Kou fills the girls in that Saizou is a monster known as a orc, a hulking brute known for preferring the use of brawn over brains. Saizou's threats prompts Junior to take Daniela to safety while he kills the orc, likewise Junior's actions prompt Minnie to confront him and attempt to stop him from killing Saizou.

Junior's vastly superior fighting skills allow him to pin Saizou and prepare to inflict the death blow only to be stopped by Minnie. The two argue for while to spar Saizou's life not for his sake but for Junior's, an argument that breaks down into another fight. The pair's scuffle ends when Daniela asks why the two are fighting, prompting another mental break down for Junior.

The breakdown creates an opening for Saizou to land a crippling blow on Junior, with so many unknowns about him in place that it simply makes Minnie dispose of the Orc while trying to wake Junior up. Junior is transformed into a unknown creature when he awakes. Mandy in the mean time notes that she has found where Junior is.

Chapter 2

Junior awakens inside of his own mind, which in this case takes on the form of a graveyard that has been flooded. Junior finds himself in the form of a skeleton once more, and soon encounters the Demon Reaper and the embodiment of his own Nergal Reaper abilities Harror who takes on Minnie's likeness. Deciding that it's time the two finally settle their differences Harror has Junior and the Demon Reaper fight for her power.

In the mean time in the human world Junior has taken on a new form, wrapped in bandage like masses of Ecto and reduced to the mindset of a savage animal. Junior attacks Minnie and in the process Minnie pulls Moka's rosario off of her transforming her into her true vampiric form and personality. Together Minnie and the transformed Moka fight Junior.

In the mean time Junior's and the Demon Reaper's battle is interrupted by a short intermission, in which Junior is forcibly dragged into a memory depicting one of his earliest foray's into Reaping. When Junior refuses to take the life of a girl on the operating table she suddenly transforms into a Ghoul that attacks, kills and ghoulifies her doctor's as well.

This event serves as one of Junior's greatest sources of guilt, and with other events where Junior is forced to constantly take the lives of innocent or good people, the immense guilt and self loathing wears down on him. Because of this, the Demon Reaper has grown in power compared to the weakened Junior and claims that he will soon be able to take over their body.

In the real world Moka notices both Junior's immense fighting skills and the fact that his own power is slowly destroying his body. Mandy intervenes and orders Minnie to take Daniela to safety while she confronts Junior alone. Mandy incapacitates Junior with explosive bullets, however she notes that since he was already an undead creature it's merely a temporary set back.

Instead Vlad steps in and uses a specially made cane to try and contain Junior's power. Instead the cane, working on the principal of Blood Blossoms cause a rapid buildup of ecto energy that triggers a huge explosion. Using herself as a shield Minnie successfully protects both Daniela and Moka but fails to save herself, finding herself in the form of a angel once more.

Reluctantly, Minnie decides to accept the help of the Redeemer. In the meantime Moka successfully pulls herself to safety having been blasted from the academy grounds onto a edge. Getting into a arguement with her other half the two Moka's decide to go after Junior again, but is confronted by the ever enigmatic Clockwork.

In his mind Junior is confronted by an image of his mother Mandy, who scolds him for his constant regrets. Junior however snaps that he is trying to do his best to be a good person, even in spite of Mandy's raising of him. Using the time he tried to rescue Minnie as a example Mandy states that anything worth doing in life is rarely easy, his only options are to quit or to fight.

Meanwhile the Redeemer explains that he intends to turn Minnie into a Sycophant, a demon who has been turned into a angel, to serve as a angelic agent on earth. Minnie accepts in order to prevent a repeat of the Demon Reaper fiasco. Returned to Earth in her more durable Rag-Doll form Minnie discovers her mother's severed arm, noting that she will not be happy.

Daniela intervenes once more trying to get her siblings to stop fighting, to no avail, she does however buy enough time for Moka to return and fight once more, though her injuries keep her at an disadvantage. Suddenly a fuel truck is dropped on Junior from above, the culprit responsible being none other than Mimi and the resulting explosion wearing Junior down further.

Mimi enters Junior's mind and restrains the Demon Reaper before returning to the real world. Things pick up again in the infirmary where everyone is getting their injuries treated. Mandy returns, one arm missing, to Castle Grim with a now grounded Daniela. She leaves Junior with Scythe 2.0 as a substitute for Harror.