Powerpuff girls Doujinshi Super (PPGDS) is a Fan Recrated version of Bleedman's Comic Powerpuff girls doujinshi, Derived from the Classic Cartoon Network Show the Powerpuff girls.


The story follows more or less the same as Bleedman's original, But with Several changes. For instance.

-DeeDee is Alive.

-Dexter's original lab had been reveled after an attack by Mandark. Bu this led to Dexter creating DEXLABS, Which built Megaville.

-The Rowdyruff boys are seen more frequent in the first chapter. With Brick secretly rescuing Blossom while Dexter was fighting Mandark.

- The Darkstar Council is new type of Legion of Doom with an increasing roster.

-Blossom befriends Dexter. But soon she and Brick fall for each other while Dexter has a relationship with Olga (Lalavava!) Much to the disdain of the still alive Mandark.

-The RRB become full heroes.

-Megaville is located in a 4-way junction point in between, Townsville, Bellwood, Endsville and Aaron City.


  • The idea of DEXLABS Comes from the Cartoon Network Game Fusionfall.