Ms. Meryel is a star Teacher at Megaville K-8 and recurring Character in Powerpuff girls Doujinshi Super. Recently, She has become the wife of Johnny Bravo. Much to Everyone's Great disbelief.


Ms. Meryel is a beautiful, pink haired, Intelligent, sweet natured woman in her mid to late 20's. She is the teacher of the PPG, RRB, Dexter, The Edds, Ben 10 and various others at Megaville K-8. Through some miracle (If you can call it that) She had managed to look past all of Johnny Bravo's MONSTEROULY long list of faults and fell in love with him. Eventually they are married, With much of the Class and staff in attendance.


  • Next to Ms. Keane she's the gang's favorite teacher.
  • Initially Bunny (Johnny's Mother) greatly dislikes her for stealing Johnny from her. But soon grows to love her as, like Herself and Suzie, Saw in Johnny what they saw in him. Something which no woman (Not without good reason mind you!) ever has.