Miracle City
Miracle City
Name Miracle City
Type City
Ruler El Tigre
Location Durango, Mexico
Notable inhabitants Villain Capital of the world:

Miracle City is a location in Durango, Mexico mentioned in Powerpuff Girls Ω. El Tigre comes from Miracle City and is the current ruler of the city after its destruction, during the Omega Event. It originates from the cartoon series, El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera.


Miracle City was a small village in Durango, Mexico, build around a volcano and often referred to as the Gotham under the Sun, for its high crime rates and the viligante justice, delivered by Rodolfo and Manny Rivera, better known as respectively White Pantera and El Tigre. But for years, they managed to keep the status quo. Everything changed however with the Omega Event. Although the initial attack wasn't as destructive as it has been in the other cities, it ruined the infrastructure and reshaped into a no man's land.

Soon, the villains took over and looting and murder became the new normal. The heroes of Miracle City were no match for the rise of these villains and soon they fell one by one. The city was torn up and rules by the several gangs, under lead of villains like El Oso and the Mustache Mafia. It became the villain capital of the North American Continent.

El Tigre was the last hero standing and would eventually turn completely. He became a villain and managed to become the leader of the most powerful gang in Miracle City and in North America. He gained this position by his incredible viciousness and cruelty. His reputation was so notorious, that it attracted Brother Blood, who offered to train him further and get him into the US. El Tigre accepted the offer, so he could exact his revenge on Jonathan Thorne and Lex Luthor, for hiding the true state of Miracle City, until it was too late.