Mimi Human

Name Mimi
Sex Female
Age 18
Species 1/2 Demon
1/2 Trans-human
Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Relatives Unknown
Friends Asura (Love Interest)
Grim Jr.
Enemies Other Demons, HIM
Occupation(s) Demon Hunter
Residence The Underworld

Mimi is a main character in Grim Tales: From Beyond The Grave. She is the daughter of HIM and Blossom, but was first raised by Blossom and possibly Dexter, although not everything is clear about her past yet.


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(Section credit given to Snafu Comics Wiki)

Even though Mimi is the daughter of the powerful Him, and that she has been brought up to one day succeed her father as the Underlord of the Land of the Tainted Souls, she despises her horrible powers and the very existence of the devil in her. She was shown to have the ability to show compassion, which she had demonstrated during first appearance.

Jeff has said that before her father ravaged her innocence when she was once very innocent and pure. It was said by Jeff that Mimi suppressed her human emotions in order to protect herself from the horrors that her father exposed her to. She was shown to care for Raven as she was crying when she and Hoss sacrificed themselves. For now, she's shown to be very calm, quiet, level-headed, and intelligent.

She is very similar to Raven as they both hide/supress their emotions and are mysterious. She has been shown to enjoy things that kids her age would, like tricycles and she usually stick her tonque out to mock people. She rarely loses her temper but when she does she becomes vicious, evident when she attacked Grim Jr. in her human form. When angered, her eyebrows bursted into flames.

She might also be fearless in her demonic form, albeit because of all the things her Father has shown and done to her. This is evident when she climbed the castle wall (even though one wrong move and she'd fall to her death), her Father getting in her face, and her fight against Mandy. Mimi is also shown to be a Masochist, moaning in pleasure when she is hurt, either throught the deeds of others or self-inflicting.

She does, however, shown to have a soft spot and love for her long time caregiver Jeff- going so far as to retaliate against her father to protect him and to raid Mandy's treasure room for an artifact that she could trade it for Jeff's soul. Little did she know though, her father sent her there knowing that she wouldn't succeed and was merely to punish his daughter further.

She acts more or less the same as a young adult.

She also seems to like Mako a lot, since when she first met him, She knocked her to the ground excitingly while waving the tip of her tail, keeps a picture of him and has his number on her phone. She fell in love the moment she laid eyes on Mako and was shown to get very angry when she saw The Vindicator trying to kill Mako, and immediately rushes to his aid.

Powers and Abilities