This page is about Mandark as featured in Powerpuff Girls Ω. For other uses, see Mandark Astronomonov.
Susan Mandark Astronomonov
Name Susan Mandark Astronomonov
Origin Dexter's Laboratory
Sex Male
Age 15
Species Human
Status Deceased
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Relatives Olga Lalavava Astronomonov
Enemies Powerpuff Girls, Dexter (PPGΩ)
Occupation(s) Villain
Residence Genius Cove (Formerly)
Susan Mandark Astronomonov is the main antagonist of the first arc in Powerpuff Girls Ω and is long-life rival of Dexter He originates from the Cartoon Network show, Dexter's Laboratory. He debuts in chapter 3 of Powerpuff Girls Ω


Before Powerpuff Girls Ω

Susan Astronomonov  was born in 2000, as the first child and only son of Sergei Astronomonov and  Lika Nohnizty. His parents were known to be closely alined to the Hippie movement from the '60s and changed their own names to Windbear and Oceanbird, respectively. As their firstborn son was born, they had decided that modern names were unnecessary gender specific and as a statement, named him Susan. This decision would weight heavy of the boy however, as it would be the topic of much ridicule of his peers. This combined with his psychopathic nature, he grew to resent his parents.

In an attempt to spite them, he started developing an interest in science and technology, two things his parents founded overrated, in favor of mysticism and nature. He quickly discovered that he was rather good in science and would eventually meet a boy with similar interest. But once again, his name became a topic of ridicule and the red-haired boy laughed at him, before leaving. This was the final straw for Susan, who decided to change alter his appearance and change his name. The world that so cruelly made fun of him, for his name, would come to fear his new one, Mandark. And the boy genius, Dexter who laughed with him, would be the first to pay...

This would lead to several confrontations between the genius in which they constantly tried to destroy each other labs. Mandark got the disadvantage however that he fell in love with Dexter's sister, Dee Dee. This would lead Dexter to use her destructive nature against Mandark and destroy his lab. After several escapades, Mandark eventually got back at Dexter, after the events of the Omega Event. Having found a way to breach his security, Mandark exposed all of Dexter's secrets to the world. Using this as a distraction, Mandark started his final assault on Dexter's lab and this surprise attack was very succesful. With his army of N0S-4-A-2 robots, he managed to destroy most of the lab and forced Dexter to submit. When the latter refused, Mandark ordered his execution. But just at that time, Dee Dee came to her brother's aid and saved his life, sacrificing her own in the process. Horrified by the fact that he killed Dee Dee, he fled the scene and would spent the next six months outside of time, using a Chrono Lock Watch.

When he was discovered, mourning at Dee Dee's grave by Dexter, six months after her death, Dexter attacked him. Despite his pleading to end him, Dexter refused and instead destroyed the Chrono Lock Watch, forcing his opponent to live with the reality he had created for the two of them... Mandark would have commited suicide that night, if it wasn't for a mysterious figure that came to Mandark's aid. He taught Mandark Black magic and helped him succesfully fake his own death. This enraged the Grim Reaper, who, when he couldn't reap Mandark's soul, locked his soul into his body and reactived the nerve system. Due to this, Mandark was forced to experience his own autopsy. This drove him almost insane, unintentionally helping to further Mandark's master' plans. After saving his pupil, this mysterious master would continue to fill his head with lies and illusions, convincing him that it was indeed Dexter who killed Dee Dee, to spite him. As the years past, he grew madder and madder and with the help of his master, he discovered the resting place of the Black Book of the Death, the only book that contained the secrets he was looking for. Under his master's guidance, he started to plan Dee Dee's resurrection, letting her return to a body far stronger than her own. His master had chosen Blossom to provide this body. Not only would Dee Dee be stronger than she ever was, it would also be perfect payback to Dexter, who he believed had killed his loved one.

After investigating the options of using Blossom for the plan, he agreed on using her after discovering that they were so similar in character and as he would later put it, they are "a match made in heaven". He started to experiment with sleeping agents and would eventually try it out El Mal Verde. Once this was succesful, he started to manipulate Mac Marquette. He did this by revealing to him that Dexter was behind the Genocide of Imagination. He managed to convince Mac to "help" Blossom, by warning her about Dexter. Knowing that Blossom would be curious when Mac formulated vague enough. He also predict that Dexter wouldn't tell her the story of what happened, he counted on Otto Osworth to tell her.

Powerpuff Girls Ω - Chapter 3

With his plans coming to fruition, just as planned, he ambushed Blossom in the Girls' bathroom. After surprising her with him being alive, he abducted Blossom using the sleeping agents he perfected on El Mal Verde.

Powerpuff Girls Ω - Chapter 4

He took Blossom to Hamunaptra where he sent a message to Dexter. In order to keep the Justice League out of this, he threatened to kill Blossom if Dexter would do so. To prevent the other Powerpuff Girls of coming along, he unleashed Jason Voorhees in the school, so they would have their hands full. In Hamunaptra, Mandark told his story and explained what he was planning to do. Halfway the process, he was interupted however by Dexter, who had arrived with Coop, in Megas. It was soon revealed that Mandark anticipated this move, in fact he created a scenario where this was the only viable option given to Dexter. Therefore, he created a portal that entered a different dimension, from which he summoned the evil future versions of Coop and Kiva. As Coop battled his evil future counterpart and Kiva, Dexter had himself fired into the flying fortress of Mandark.

Mandark had intented for Dexter to watch as he would sacrifice Blossom to revive Dee Dee and trapped him behind a strong forcefield. Fed up with playing Mandark's game, Dexter was able to trick Mandark and started to battle him. The battle was pretty fair but near the end of the battle, Dexter gained the upperhand, forcing Mandark to play dirty, by morphing his gauntlet into Dee Dee's face. This stopped Dexter and allowed Mandark to grab Dexter by the head instead.

Powerpuff Girls Ω - Chapter 5

As Mandark tried to crush Dexter's head, claiming how all of this was because of Dexter. Initially, he was succesful as Dexter didn't have the strength left to resist. But soon, Dexter realized what was really going on and fought back, crushing Mandark's gauntlet and break his arm. Soon he would nail Mandark to the ground, ready to take him into custody. After Dexter went to check out Blossom, returning her to  consciousness. Unintentional, by doing this, he interupted the ritual, reverting her back to normal, much to Mandark's anger. He got his chance at revenge however when Bubbles and Buttercup, who just bested Jason, came to the rescue of Blossom and Dexter. He activated another force field, that was immune to Chemical X  enhanced beings before activating the self-destruct sequence , trying to kill them all. His final plan backfired however when Coop, using Megas, broke through and saved his friends. There was however no time to save to Mandark and he perished in the explosion.

His soul is later seen looking at the wreckage he caused, freed from his master influence, he realized what he had become, what he had done. He had however not much time to reflect on his mistakes as he was met by the Grim Reaper.


Mandark was an  extremely intelligent boy. Combined with his sociopathic nature made him a dangerous villain. His intellect led to him being arrogant, seeing everyone with a lower intellect as inferior. He also despised his parents, who were more free-spirited than him and burdened him with a name, normally associated with girls. He has no moral conscious and will gladly delve into the dark arts to further his goals. He hates Dexter, seeing the little boy as his rival and made it is life goal to prove he is the superior intellect. To make things even more complex, he was madly in love with Dexter's sister Dee Dee. After accidentally killing her, he refused to admit this was his fault. Instead, he decided that Dexter was the one to blame and repeated this lie, till he started to believe this lie. Under the influence of his master, he grew completely mad however and set out to resurrect Dee Dee, using Blossom. This shows his total disregard for human life and his willingness to do everything to get his way.


Mandark's appearance is a lot different than his appearance from the series. Instead of his school clothes he wears a battle outfit. The outfit is black with some purple thins attatched to it. He made giant robot hands for combat. He has black hair with two cuts at the end that make up the letter M and wears glasses.

Though he did appear in his normal clothing from Dexter's Laboratory which is a white blouse with a brown striped tie, blue shorts and brown shoes with long black socks.

Powers and Abilities

Mandark has a few powers and abilities.

  • Dark Magic: Mandark has shown to have a basic understanding of the dark arts. He does however heavily depend on his technological inventions, rather than magic.
  • Peak Human Intellect: Mandark is one of the smartest humans on Earth, who despite his young age created his own lab and have made great discoveries and scientific inventions. His intellect is only rivaled by that of Dexter.
  • Vast Occult Knowledge: With the help of his master, Mandark was able to develop a vast understanding of and gained knowlegde about the occult.
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