Inferno McLain
Name Inferno McLain
Sex Male
Age 13
Species Ghost
Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blue (flame)
Relatives Ember McLain (mother), Skulker (father)
Friends Dan Phantom, Walker, Grim Jr., Minnie, Mimi, Mandy
Enemies Other Ghosts, HIM
Occupation(s) Sidekick
Residence Ghost Zone
Castle Grimskull (temporarily)

Inferno McLain is a major character who appears in Grim Tales: Rebirth. He is the son of Ember McLain and Skulker. He inherited the last name of his mother, because his father doesn't remember his. He is also the apprentice and later sidekick of Dan Phantom.


Born from the number one parents, Ember and Skulker. Initially a child to keep them together as they fought very much and saw a child as their answer. Inferno gets neglected by his parents most of the time and only sees them at dinner, but even then they rarely talk. Skulker is often busy with his hobby of collecting rare species while Ember is either holding a concert or is chilling with the girls (Kitty & Spectra). Because of this Inferno has a lot of free time and uses it to cause mischief to the residents of the Ghost Zone, often ending up in Walker's prison. Most of the ghosts despise Inferno but don't act on it because of his infamous parents, and the boy not being the weakest as well.

The one Inferno never has pranked is Walker, mainly because he respects him in some kind of way and learns a lot of him. Inferno is the closest Walker has to a son-figure and vice-versa, so he often lets him out of prison early, not contributing to other ghosts liking Inferno. He tries to teach Inferno the good and wants him to act responsible despite his parent's behavior. One time however Inferno felt like Walker was out of line and scolded him for it. Afterwards he fled from his home because of his parents, he had nowhere to go.

He happened to cross paths with Dan and had a talk with him about wanting to get stronger. Dan decided to take Inferno in as his apprentice and teach him lots of new stuff. After Inferno leaves to become Dan Phantom's apprentice Walker made a deal with Clockwork to keep an eye on Dan so he wouldn't dwell Inferno into darkness. Thus Dan got approached by Walker and Clockwork in secret and he was told to keep the kid on the right path else he would go back in the thermos. Inferno and Dan travel across the Underworld to become stronger and participate in the Underworld War. At some point Inferno gets a crush on Minnie, and Dan tries to give him tips, but Minnie keeps rejecting him for reasons he doesn't understand.


Inferno is a playful boy. He was often seen playing pranks on other ghosts. Almost every ghost, except for some like his parents and Walker, have been tricked at least once by him. Inferno can be quite rude and is very careless. This behavior is caused because he doesn't spent much time with his parents. This also eventually leads to him running away from home.

He became more friendly later on, wanting to have friends. However he still has his rudeness and is careless which is displayed most when he is around Dan. He does show respect against the rulers like Walker and Mandy because he doesn't want to offend them. Though he still has a playful spirit even when around them.

Powers and Abilities

Inferno has a vararity of powers and abilities, however there are skill he hasn't mastered yet. Inferno is known to, like his mother, have pyrokinesis. He was seen creating fireballs in the palms in his hands and throw them, and a fire dash. Inferno also has other ghost powers like; Intangilibity, Flight, Invisibility and Teleportation although he isn't very good at them.

However he is skilled with the weapons he has build into his armor. He has a blaster in his glove which can fire ghost energy shots, a net that can trap any species so they can't escape, a slingshot with bomb pellets, a dagger for close combat, goggles for infra-red vision and a chain which is one of his main weapons. He slashes with it, traps people with it etc.

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