A Human is a living being, native to Earth. Humans are known for being one of the few Earth-native sapient beings and being the predecessor of many subspecies and hybrid species. Most humans are fairly weak, yet cunning creatures who have become the dominant species on the planet. But this position of power, also let them to become often oblivious to the dangers that lurk in the shadows.


Although often seen as the final evolutionary step, humans have led to the birth of new subspecies in their family. These humans often posses features or abilities that separate them from regular humans.

Known subspecies:

Cyborgs: Humans who have technologic advances implemented into their organic bodies. This varies from small augmentations, to radical fusions of machinery and flesh.

Half-Breeds: Hybrid-species, where one of the parents is a human, while the other is of a different origin. Hybrid-species often posses unusual features or abilties, that separate them from humans. There are several different subspecies in the group.

Transhumans: Humans whose genes are radically different from that of regular humans, giving them special abilities or unusual attributes.

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