Harold Coop Cooplowski is the main protagonist of the cartoon series, Megas XLR. Coop is the pilot of Megas, a giant robot that came from the future. Coop is overweight and has an insatiable appetite. Due to years of playing video games, he is an excellent pilot. He's not exactly the brightest person around—his amazing heroics are just accidents, and he usually ends up destroying more than he protects. Coop also is quite strong as depicted by his demonstrations of raw power, such as being able to punch a car window and breaking it without flinching or using a wrench to wreck a null distortion missile on Megas.

Coop is a character in several fan fictions, having in different backgrounds of the character and so resulting in vastly different characters. Grim Reaper might refer to:

  • Harold Cooplowski (PPGDS): Coop, as he appears in the story, GrandMike's Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi.
  • Harold Cooplowski (PPGΩ): Coop, as he appears in the story, Powerpuff Girls Ω.