This page is about The Grim Reaper as featured in Powerpuff Girls Ω. For other uses, see Grim Reaper.
The Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper
Name The Grim Reaper
Origin The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
Sex Taken a male form
Age Ageless
Species Celestial
Status Alive
Eye Color None
Hair Color None
Friends The Celestials
Lord Pain
Enemies Dark Conclave
Occupation(s) The Reaper of Souls
King of Land of the Dead
Residence Castle Grimskull, Land of the Dead
The Grim Reaper is a recurring character in Powerpuff Girls Ω and a major character in Grim Tales: From The Other Side The Grim Reaper is the Celestial of Death in the Ω Universe and the King of the Land of the Dead.

He is one of the powerful beings in the galaxy but still bound by ancient laws and in an arrogant streak allowed the yaogui Chaos to trick him into revealing himself, while taking the soul of a hamster. This resulted in Grim betting his eternal friendship with Mandy. And to his horror, Grim lost the bet and was turned into the laughing stock of the Underworld.



The Grim Reaper was created by The Mother of Existence, as the Celestial of Death in the solar system, known as Sol, together with the other Sol Celestials. Grim was amongst the oldest of the Celestials, title shared with Clockwork, Odin Light, Pariah Dark Shen Guang and Vishnuu. As a collective, they crafted the planets and the sun. But soon they realized that their powers weren't sufficient for the task ahead and they sought audience with their Mother, who provided them with more brothers as they needed. Together with the new Celestials, they created worlds (Earth and Mars) that were able to hold life, as well the Heavens and the Underworld. Grim helped shaping the Underworld, together with Pariah Dark and Lucifer. After the first lifeforms were created, these lifeforms quickly went extinct, with Grim reaping their souls. These were known as the Salamandrine Men and their quick demise taught Shen Guang that he needed to practice more. To their surprise, the hate of the Salamandrine's Men towards their demise and the Celestials, created the Ghost Zone in the Underworld, where they did thrive. As a result of this, the decision was taken by Grim and Shen Guang to start to populate the Heavens and Underworld first.

As they populate these worlds, they felt themselves betrayed by Pariah Dark, when the latter created the Shadow Realm, without the knowledge of the rest and even later steal souls crafted by Shen Guang to bring life to this world. As a reaction, the others created a Light Realm, to counter the shadow realms existence. When life started to sprout, more Celestials were created, namely Kur, Undergrowth and Vortex. As life started to flourish, death did follow and Grim reaped the souls of those who passed. As they were disappointed by the lack of sapient beings however, souls of non-sapient beings were simply repurposed, instead of giving them a role in the afterlife. On Mars, sapient beings were eventually created while on Earth, they should evolve.  Even with the creation of Bill Cipher, Nocturne, Ra and Sandman, life on Earth didn't progress as wanted, which let to distrust between the Celestials. Eventuall, God would take matters into his own hands, and create a sapient being on Earth. The being however was too powerful to be allowed to exist and when Grim discovered that he couldn't reap it, as it didn't have a soul to reap, they locked it away in the Pyxis, a pocket dimension, specially created to hold it. This however was only mildly successful as it tried multiple times to escape and was able to fuse it with the city of Al-Khali. This creation did however led to the Great Divide as the forces of Darkness demanded God to be stripped of his power, while other sided with their brother.

For the largest part, Grim stayed neutral but with the defeat of Chernabog, Lucifer and Pariah Dark, God grew mad with power and started to his crusade to become the sole ruler. When he was about to breach the Gates of Eden, Grim confronted him and told him to stop his madness. When this request fell on deaf ears, Grim battled his brother in a battle that would span a thousand years. After this, Grim reaped the soul of God and became the most powerful Celestial in the Sol System. Fearing that he would be as mad as his brother, Grim sought audience with the Mother of Existence, who understood the fear of her son. Together with Shen Guang and the Spirit of God, they crafted the Seven Seals that would bind Grim's power. The seals would only be broken at the right times, and the more Seals are active, the weaker Grim is. Laws were put in place and two completely new beings were created, The Three Judges, who would enforce these laws and judge those who broke them. It is also only the Judges that are allowed to decide if someone or something can be fed to the Portal of Oblivion, controlled by the second being, the enigmatic Keeper of Oblivion.

As part of the deal, Grim was initially stripped of his power and turned into a young skeleton. He was adopted by the Skellington family, with patriach Earl and was sent to Doomsday Junior High. Everyone's memory (excluding the Celestials) of Grim being the Grim Reaper was wiped, so he could live a normal life.  At Doomsday Junior High, he was bullied by the boogeyman , known as Boogey. The title of Grim Reaper and the power coming with it, were put as price in a contest, making up the story that the previous Reaper had passed away... The one who was the impress his fellow student the most would become the new Grim Reaper. Grim enjoyed his life as a regular skeleton, didn't originally plan to reclaim his title. He hoped his friend, Velma Green would win the title, but in an attempt to stop Boogeyman from cheating, he was chosen to be the Grim Reaper once again. This led to Velma to believe Grim lied to and cheated on her, and their friendship was dead for eons, until they were able to talk things out. Being the Grim Reaper, Grim watched over any conflict that followed and came to claim the souls of those who fell. 

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Being the powerful embodiement of Death, over the eons, Grim became arrogant and prideful and didn't take it lightly when he wasn't show the proper respect. This made him vulnerable for the taunts of the yaogui, known as Chaos. Claiming that he always works from the shadow, never bothered to actually enter the physical plane to reap souls. Chaos bet that he couldn't even reap a hamster's soul, without stepping out of the shadows... Grim took on the challenge as Chaos pointed him to Mr. Snuggles. Little did Grim know that the boy who owned the hamster and his friend weren't your average children. While Billy was almost brainless, Mandy was a psychotic monster, who manipulated everyone to get her way. If he had knew of Mandy's cunning nature, something that Chaos hid from him, he wouldn't have dared to take her on the game. In a game of Limbo, in Limbo, he believed to beat them easily and bet that if he won, he would get the hamster, if he lost, he would be their best friend forever. In the first match, Mandy and Billy were able to move under the pole. In the second match however, he lowered the bar so far, only he could move under it. Namely, because he was the only one who was thin enough and able to move vertically. Certain of his victory, he felt the need to taunt, which became his downfall as Mandy caused Mr. Snuggles to attack him, resulting in him tripping over the pole. Having lost the bet, he was forced to become their friend.

With Billy and Mandy, he suffered many humiliations and pain, but also experienced many adventures and although, he hated to admit it, he was growing rather fond of the two. With their help, he was able to face his high school bully and rectify his relationship with Velma Green.

Omega Event

But each story ends eventually and this was no different here. After the Omega Event struck Endsville, Grim stopped most of the attack but was unable to determine the cause, even when consorting with Clockwork in the aftermath. When questioned about this, by Mandy, he was forced to reveal everything, beginning with his past. Realizing that Grim never would on his full potential as long as he was chained to them by the bet, Mandy broke up the bet and released Grim. As Grim left, slightly distressed by these events, he revealed that the Grim Reaper is infact a title. His real name is still a mystery though. 

Reaping of Mandark #1

Mandark committed suicide, six months after killing Dee Dee. But when Grim came to reap his soul, he learned that Mandark's master had protected him, making him a temporary Unreapable, using an ancient spell. Unable to remove Mandark's soul from his body, Grim proved once again, he doesn't like it when people cheat on him and locked his conscious into his body, so Mandark would feel anything of his own autopsy.

Reaping of Mandark #2

After activating the self-destruct sequence of Mandark, he inadvertently summoned the Grim Reaper once again, only this time he wouldn't escape. As he swore to take revenge on Grim for their previous meeting, Grim amusely asked him what he was planning to do.


Grim is a cold and an apathic being. He has complete disregard towards life and enjoy his job. He is a known sadist, as he has a preference for painful deaths, when it is time to take a soul. He is known to cause deadly accidents to claim souls when this is permitted by Clockwork.

Due to his status and his abilities, Grim is quite an arrogant and prideful Celestial, which on multiple occasion has let to his downfall. His sadism increased when he comes across someone who think they can outsmart or cheat on him. He often use this to make examples out of people. He also holds grudges against people, and will try to get back at people when the opportunity presents itself.

When he is stripped of his powers however, Grim is rather cowardly and frighten easily.


Grim's appearence stays true to the iconic image of the Grim Reaper; Grim is depicted in the series has an adult-sized 'undead, talking magical skeleton'. Grim is most often seen wearing a long black robe with a hood; the robes make him look thinner than he actually is.

Powers and abilities

The Grim Reaper is one of the Celestials and one of the most powerful if not the most powerful amongst them. After defeating his brother, the Celestial of Heavens, God and reaping his soul, he grew fearful of his own power and asked for the forging of the Seven Seals of the Apocalypse. The Seven Seals shackle his powers and limit his abilities. The more seals that are active, the weaker Grim is. He doesn't lose abilities when a seal is lifted however and remain intact until more seals are placed again.

Amount of Seals in Place: 7

As the 7 seals are in place, Grim takes on the form of the skeleton of a small child and is stripped of all his paranormal abilities but he does retain abilities that aren't paranormal in itself. Unable to reap, his duties are either carried out by the Three Judges, The Keeper of Oblivion or the horseman, Death.

  • Omnilinguist: Grim is able to speak every language in existence, most notable the Language of the Black Tongue which can drive mortals insane.
  • Music Playing: Grim is a talented guitarist and vocalist, able of playing Hard Rock/Metal, but also Country Music.
  • Vast Paranormal Knowledge: Due to his age and his own curious nature, Grim's knowledge of the paranormal is vast. It is even said that his knowlegde is only rivaled by the Three Judges, Mother of Existence and Clockwork.

Amount of Seals in Place: 6

When 6 seals are place, Grim takes the form of the skeleton of a teenager and has regained several of his passive abilities, most to defend himself. He is however still not able to use his reaping abilities. Unable to reap, his duties are either carried out by the Three Judges, The Keeper of Oblivion or the horseman, Death.

  • Death Awareness: Grim is able to sense when people are about to die. With this ability, he can decide to reap their souls (only when </= 5 seals are in place) and take them to underworld.
  • Death Perception:
  • Semi-immortality: With 6 Seals in place, Grim is Semi-immortal and unable to age biologically. He is also immune to disease and can't be harmed by mortal weapons.
  • Scythe Combat: Although he still can't reap souls with it, he has access to his scythe and can use it to defend himself.

Amount of Seals in Place: 5

When 5 seals are place, Grim takes the form of the skeleton of an adult man and has regained most of his passive abilities and some of his active abilities. At this level, he is restored to be a successful Reaper

  • Magic:
    • ​Age Alternation: Grim can alter the age of mortals, either rejuvinating them till nothing but a few cells to aging them to dust. . 
    • Sight Alternation: Using his scythe as a conduit, Grim can fire lasers that completely alter one's sight. But due to lack of practise, the ability is rather unpredictable
  • Object summoning: Grim can summon a large variety of objects out of thin air, with no problem.
  • Soul Reaping: Grim is one of the only four known beings that are able to truly reap a soul, namely remove a soul from physical body without harming the physical body or the soul. 

Amount of Seals in Place: 4

When 4 seals are place, Grim takes the form of the skeleton of an adult man and has regained all of his passive abilities and some of his active abilities. At this level, he is restored to be a successful Reaper and is equal in strength to lesser demon lords or angel champions:

  • Creature Summoning (limited): Grim is able to summon a variety of monsters, using a variety of tools. This however backfired from time to time.
  • Chronokinesis (limited): Grim is able to travel through time and look into the future and past. His ability is however far less than Clockwork's Chronokinesis, who is the Celestial of Time. 
  • Death Empowerment: Grim is empowered by death, no matter if they are allies or enemies. This makes him a very dangerous opponent in combat, leading most to back down from a battle or use tricks to fight him
  • Elemental Manipulation:
    • Pyrokinesis:  Grim can manipulate fire, mostly portraying the ability when enraged or to intimidate people.
    • Terrakinesis: Grim can manipulate earth, creating several earth formations but also manipulate lava/magma.
  • Immortality With 4 seals in place, he can't age biologically and is immune to all diseases. Furthermore, he can't be killed by any mortal weapon and most demonic or angelic weapons. Only those with a massive amount of power would be able to kill Grim.
  • Magic:
    • Druid Magic: During his time on Earth, as the friend of Billy and Mandy, Grim learned druid magic.
    • Fusion: Grim is able to use creatures, objects and sapient beings with each other, with no problem.
    • Image Animation: Grim is able to animate images, allowing them to manifest themselves in real life and even interact with their environment. Despite their appearance, they aren't truly alive however (Grim can't create life) as they don't have a soul. 
    • Levitation: Grim can fly without the need of wings or any other of help.
    • Object Animation:  Grim is able to animate objects, allowing them to move and interact with their environment. Despite their appearance, they aren't truly alive however (Grim can't create life) as they don't have a soul.
    • Power bestowing: Grim is able to share his abilities with others, bestowing his powers on others without decreasing her own abilities. 
    • Power enhancement: Grim is able to increase the powers of his allies, to help them survive in battle.
    • Size enhancement: Grim can increase the size of anything he desires.
    • Transformation: Grim is able to alter the form of anyone he wants. 
  • Mind Control:  Grim can control peoples mind to a certain extent and influence their behavior, the weaker the mind, the easier. His skill in this ability is however lower than Bill Cipher.
  • Necromancy: As the Grim Reaper, he is the ruler of life and death and is able to reawake a shattered army with a simple move his hand and raise the dead, even eons after their passing.
  • Portal Creation: Using his scythe, Grim is able to tear through the dimensional boundaries, into other dimensions allowing to create portals.
  • Possession:  Due to a combination of an occult trick and a specific place on the head, Grim is able to take possession of anyone, he chooses. Having a powerful mind on himself, it is almost impossible to remove him from your head, unless he so desires. His skill in this ability is however lower than Bill Cipher.
  • Realm Manipulation: Grim has a very limited understanding of Realm Manipulation, able to change things in fictional realms. His skill is far lower than that of Vishnuu who have mastered the skill.
  • Teleportation Grim can transport people to different realms, even if these realms are fictional. His skill is far lower than that of Vishnuu who have mastered the skill.

Amount of Seals in Place: 3

  • One-Hit Kill: Grim can kill someone with one hit, once only three seals are in place. No matter how minor or insignificant the wound appears, the result is always lethal.
  • Shapeshifting: Grim is able to change his body into any form, he desires.
  • Shadow Walking: Grim is able to reap once soul, while walking in the "shadows". This way, he doesn't physically appear in the real world and can take the soul of his client unhindered. After facing Jack O'Lantern, it became his prefered method of reaping.

Amount of Seals in Place: 2

  • Reality Manipulation:
    • Uncertainity Manipulation: Grim is able to manipulate uncertainities (unobserved/unobservable parameters) to his favor, tipping the odds into his favor. This makes it possible for him to prevent things from happening and even allowing him to make seemingly impossible things to happen
    • Probability Manipulation: Grim is able to alter chance into his favor.

Amount of Seals in Place: 1

  • Afterlife Border: Grim has the ability to allow or prevent anyone from entering or leaving the Afterlife, both Heaven and Hell. 
  • Biological Explosion: Grim is able to kill people by causing their cells to violently explode, an ability that is often use to intimidate others and demoralize oppossing armies. 
  • Self-Resurrection: Grim is able to resurrect himself immediately should he fall in battle, although this take energy.
  • Soul Absorption: Grim is able to absorb the souls he reaps to adopt their abilities.

Amount of Seals in Place: 0

  • Bone Removal: In a crisis, he can replenish his armies by removing the bones from the bodies of his enemies.
  • Death Embodiement: Grim literally becomes Death as he can't be killed himself, yet can kill everyone he desires, with or without his scythe.
    • Death Inducement: Grim can kill people with a mere thought.
    • Immortality (Absolute): With no seals in place, Grim can't die by any cause. Nothing in existence can cause permanent harm to Grim and kill him. The only way to end Grim is by ending his existence altogether and sent him to Oblivion.
    • Omnicide: Grim is able to kill every living thing, leaving whole planets and even realms lifeless. 
    • Soul Reaping (Absolute): Nothing is safe from Grim's ability to reap souls. Everything that has a soul, can have it stripped away by Grim.