Global Justice League
Global Justice League
Name Global Justice League
Origin DC Comics
Leader The Original 7
Status Active
Global Justice League is an organization, comprised of superheroes from over all of the world, who are dedicated in helping people and battling evil and injustice. It is featured in Powerpuff Girls Ω Originally, the Justice League of America, the Global Justice League was formed after the Omega Event, to prevent villains from using this opportunity to take over the world. It assimilated the AWSM and recruiting heroes from all over the globe to do this. It originates from DC Comics.


The Justice League of America was created by Kal-El/Superman, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Barry Allen/Flash, Shayeerah Hal/Hawkgirl, Diana Prince/Wonder Woman and Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, after battling the Celestial Darkseid and his invading forces of Parademons. Realizing what good they could do for the world and to counteract the sexist principles and attention grabbing ways of the AWSM.

For years, these 7 would protect the US and the world from the Watchtower, often aiding the heroes of the AWSM. With Batman's guidance, Dick Grayson/Robin was able to start a teenage branch of heroes, the Teen Titans. He also financed the group and paid for Titan Tower. This went well for 6 years and just like the Titans, their numbers grew. This was till 2010. A destructive force stroke the US without warning and killed 16 million in the process. In the chaos that ensued, villains started to target smaller groups of heroes as they tried to help the survivors of the Omega Event. The final straw was the attack on Titan Tower. This latest incident learned them that they still weren't with enough. They visited the AWSM on Mount Neverest and after a long negotiation with Major Glory, the AWSM joined the Justice League, they turned into the Global Justice League. Soon they were joined by heroes from all over the globe. The heroes that were underaged would become Honourary Titans. 

Now reformed, they protect the whole Earth, from threats outside and from within. They were mentioned by Professor Utonium, when reflecting on the Omega Event and the aftermath.

Known Members

The original 7

  • Batman/Bruce Wayne
  • Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El
  • Wonder Woman/Diana Prince
  • Flash/Barry Allen
  • Martian Manhunter/J'onn J'onzz
  • Shayera Hall/Hawkgirl
  • Hal Jordan/Green Latern

Extended League

  • Green Arrow/Oliver Green
  • Captain Atom/Nathaniel Adam
  • Major Glory/Sam Washington
  • Krunk/Brand Buccer
  • Van Hallen/Joakim Odison

Honourary Titans