Gates of the Underworld
The Gate of the Underworld
Name Gates of the Underworld
Type Portal
Ruler The Grim Reaper
Location Tibet
Notable inhabitants Guardians:
  • Gatekeeper (formerly)
  • Gate Guardian

The Gates of the Underworld is a location in Tibet, mentioned in Powerpuff Girls Ω. It originates from the cartoon series, Martin Mystery.


The Gates of the Underworld is the only known physical portal between Earth and the Kingdom of the Dead. It is located in the Himalaya and was built by Lemurians. This was seen as the Lemurian Tower of Babel and deemed an offense by the Celestials. The Lemurians were punished for their arrogance and were spread  through the world. They were also ordered to become Kur Guardians, protecting the world from Kur, the Celestial of Fauna. This made them the enemies of the Nagas, the Kur Searchers. Despite the fall of Lemuria, the damage was done and the portal was functional. In order to protect both the Underworld as the Earth, a guardian, the Gatekeeper was put in place who guarded the portal from any intruder.

The Gatekeeper was given the order to punish those who attempted to open the portal. They and their species would pay for their transgressions. A demonic entity would take control over the trespasser and wage war against their own, using the monsters of the Gateway. That way, they could never use the portal to wage war against the inhabitants of other side. The next person who tried to enter the Gateway however, would be asked a riddle. If the person succeed, he or she might enter and try to stop the possessed one, if he or she would be thrown of the Mountain. If they fail to stop the possessed one, The Gatekeeper shall take its place as the leader of its army, waging war on the responsible race and will stop at nothing to keep the Gateway open.

This happened once in reported history. In a quest to close the Gateway forever, M.O.M. was lured into the temple by the Gatekeeper and subsequently possessed. Under the influence of the Gatekeeper, she waged war on mankind with her demon herd. Although with the help of Martin Mystery, Diana Lombard, Java the Caveman and Billy, she regained consciousness and with their help, she managed to beat the Gatekeeper and close the gates, returning the demons back to hell.

After this, the Gates of the Underworld were monitored by the Center.