This page is about Kiva (Evil Future Version) as featured in Powerpuff Girls Ω. For other uses, see Kiva (Evil Future Version).
Kiva Andru
Evil Kiva 2
Name Kiva Andru
Origin Megas XLR
Sex Female
Age 29
Species Human (Formerly)
Cyborg (Currently)
Status Alive
Eye Color Green (left eyeGreyish Green (right eye)
Hair Color Orange
Friends Coop Andru (Leader)
Jamie(fomerly, ex-boyfriend)
Enemies Harold Cooplowski
Occupation(s) Conquerer
Residence Jersey (Formerly)

Kiva Andru is a secondary antagonist in the first arc in Powerpuff Girls Ω and is a alternative future version of Kiva. Unlike her former self, she has become a mad tiran, blindly following Coop, believing that his actions would benefit the future. She did however loss sight on her goal and decided that Earth wasn't strong enough when it fought against the Glorft in the future but that under Coop's leadership, it could be. She debuts in chapter 4 of Powerpuff Girls Ω.


Born on September 15, 3012 in a bunker beneath Washington Memorial. Being born during the Glorft War, her whole life, she was trained to become a Mecha Pilot and a combat specialist. In 3035, Earth suffered a severe loss and was technically beaten, in what would be known as The Battle of the Land Stand. But large fragments of the Earth Coalition, turned to the Earth Resistence, continued the fight and Kiva Andru was one of them. In the aftermath of The Battle of the Land Stand, she led an assault on the Karrajor. Although most of her squad died, she managed to capture the Avatar Prototype, which she would modify for the next two years, turning it into the Ultimate Weapon, naming it M.E.G.A.S. Installing an experimental Time Drive Device, she planned to use it to return to 3035 and chance the tide in their favors. When the Glorft discovered their moonbase, she had to act quickly and enact the plan. But things didn't go as planned, as a shot of the Glorf mothership, destroyed the head of M.E.G.A.S. This resulted in the Time Drive malfunctioning, resetting the already created time portal to the year 1930, where it dropped off M.E.G.A.S., burying it under the garbage on a garbage belt. In 2008, Kiva arrived in the past, finding the robot in the hands of Harold Cooplowski, who had modified the robot in such a way, only he could drive it. To make matters worse, he destroyed the time drive device, trapping her in the past. The Glorft who followed her, shared the same fate.

For years, she guided Coop and his friend, Jamie in battles against alien threats, kaijus and mechas, she even started to warm up to the duo. But everything changed when Coop defeated the Glorft a final time on the moon. Coop became obsessed with battle and let go about all his other interests. At that time, she and Jamie had started to date. While Jamie dreaded the chance in character in Coop, Kiva embraced it. Believing that Coop finally took his job serious, she encouraged his behavior, even when he replaced M.E.G.A.S. unit with the M.E.G.A.S. 13. As both the Justice League and the Green Lantern corps however tried to hold his rise to power, both Kiva and Coop were enraged by this interference. In the future, the JLA had been defeated during the Battle of the Last Stand, while the Green Lantern Corps didn't interfere in the war. Seeing one as incompetent for the coming threat and the other as hypocritical, she allowed Coop to fight back and helped him to form an army, in the form of the Injustice League and the Sinestro Corps. Eventually, Coop turned on the Sinestro Corps, and eliminated them completely. When Coop focussed on taking over the world, this was the last straw of Jamie, who turned on Coop and Kiva.

Kiva, having a relationship with Jamie and believing that she could convince him to join their cause, spook with them. Things didn't go as planned however as he lashed out to her, claiming that both she and Coop had lost their minds, stating that she was blind to the truth about Coop as she only had eye for the future. In turn, Kiva criticized him for his lack of vision and said that he would be best remind himself on whose side, he was. He made this clear by executing his original plan and got a crew of military agents take her under shot, ready to take her hostage. This backfired however, when unexpectedly, she activated a beacon, before stabbing Jamie in the face with a stilleto, leaving a Y-formed scar and effectedly ending their relationship. As a reaction, she was shot in the right eye and left for dead by Jamie and his man. She was however rescued by Coop, who ordered Gizmo to cybernize her further 

After this, Coop's conquest continued and eventually, he started to replace his allies by AI's, to prevent further betrayal. His former allies would eventually be executed. After his army was formed, Coop started WOIII. Using the advanced technology they possessed, Coop and Kiva almost wiped out the world's remaining population. That what remained of the population fled underground or joined the Resistance, led by Jamie. The Resistance used the remains of Karrajor and the Glorft's mechas to fight and for the next 5 years, Coop and Kiva would search for the Resistance. They found it, when a past version of him accidentally opened a portal to their timeline, was captured by Jamie and accidentally exposed the location of the Karrajor. Discovering where the rebels had been, he commanded his troops to kill them all. After learning that there were different timelines, he decided to conquer this dimension next. This led the Coop and the Gorrath from the alternative timeline to team up with Jamie and attack Coop at his fortress. Although they managed to damage the portal device, Kiva bested Gorrath again, while her commander destroyed the alternative Coop's M.E.G.A.S. Mecha.

As their attackers escaped, Kiva was ordered to repair the portal and she did for the next couple of hours. Neither of them realized that their own original M.E.G.A.S. was still functional and in Coop's garage. And after Kiva repaired the portal and they send their troops to this Coop's dimension, for further conquering. In this new dimension, they fought against Coop's döppleganger and the Glorft from this dimension. Due to this, odd pairing, she and Coop were forced to retreat and as she provided cover fire they returned. On their way back to their own dimension, Coop's döppleganger warned Jamie of their return, who destroyed the portal as the two past through. This trapped both her and Coop between dimensions. For the next 5 years, they were trapped in the Dream World, having entered a dream of James Glover, who dreamt about Lurps. The Sandman who don't take it lightly when people try to mess with his realm, trapped them in this dream, after seperating it from James.

She and Ciip were discovered by Mandark Astronomonov. Although at first they tried to kill him and use his teleporting device to finally escape the stream of dimensions they had traveled through, Mandark managed to convince them to listen, especially when he revealed to be from the same dimension as the Coop who helped to lock them away. He teleported away, leaving the two behind in the dream.

Powerpuff Girls Ω - Chapter 4

A few months later, when Mandark had finished a portal to the Dream World, he lured Dexter and Coop to Hamunaptra and while Dexter would face Mandark, the latter kept Coop busy by freeing Coop and Kiva. The two weren't happy to see Coop back and immediately tried kill him. In the battle that followed the two had the upperhand for the most part and became arrogant. But with some skilled pilotting, Coop managed to take Kiva's mecha, so it would be a one-on-one between the two Coops.

Powerpuff Girls Ω - Chapter 5

After Evil Coop forced the other in a position in which he could only kill him, the head of her mecha was picked from the desert and she was brought to Bell Reve. Shortly after her arrival, she was visited by Amanda Waller, who came to draft her into Taskforce X. After a small hesitation, Kiva agreed on her terms.


Kiva was shaped by war and has a very calculated and cold look on life. Due to her life experiences and being from the future, she is arrogant and sees herself as superior. Although she initially warmed up to Coop, Jamie and the idea of present technology and carefree life, the new war threw her back at her original personality, only worse then ever before. Refusing to see the errors she made, she started to double down in the bad decisions. Possibly triggered by the loss of her eye, she also had adopted the idea that only she and Coop were worthy to have power and started to believe that loss humans would suffer in the future was caused by their weakness and stupidity. She truly saw herself and Coop as the ultimate saviors, even if this meant that they had to thin out the Earth's population drastically. She gloated a lot and was sure about her own battle prowess. Her second defeat however diminished this pride however. She was aware of the Suicide Squad, yet was willing to work with them. She is however rather submissive and often works under someone, instead of claiming the position of top dog for herself. 


Kiva is a slim woman, with medium long orange hair, with two pig tails, one hanging from each side of the face and tanned skin. She is dressed in a black suit, with long blue sleeves and grey shoulder pads. Her most outspoken feature however is her left eye, and a large part of the left side of her face. After being shot in the eye, it was replaced by cybernations, giving her a green bionic eye. 

Powers and abilities

Kiva has several abilities that made him a formidable adversary:

  • Advanced Intellect: Kiva is a master engineer, specified in robotica and mechas. She is known for thinking on her feet and has vast knowlegde of both human and alien technology.
  • Martial Artist: Kiva is skilled in martial arts and self-defense and has been able to hold her own against aliens whose pure physical strength outclass her own, without breaking even a sweat. 
  • Master Strategist: Kiva is able to plan complex plans and counterplan the plans of others.
  • Mecha Piloting: After years of training, Kiva was able to become a skilled and notorious mecha pilot. She works best in her personal mecha however and have shown her self as a dangerous foe, to all who opposes her.