This page is about Coop (Evil Future Version) as featured in Powerpuff Girls Ω. For other uses, see Coop (Evil Future Version).
Harold "Coop" Cooplowksi
Evil CoopOmega
Name Harold "Coop" Cooplowksi
Origin Megas XLR
Sex Male
Age 35
Species Human
Status Deceased
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blond
Friends Kiva Andru (Lieutenant)
Enemies Harold Cooplowski
Occupation(s) Conquerer
Residence Jersey (Formerly)
Harold Cooplowski, better known as Coop is a secondary antagonist in the first arc in Powerpuff Girls Ω and is a alternative future version of Coop. Unlike his former self, he has became obsessed with battling and eventually turned conquerer. He originates from the Cartoon Network show, Megas XLR. He debuts in chapter 4 of Powerpuff Girls Ω.


Before Powerpuff Girls Ω

Harold Cooplowski found the original M.E.G.A.S Robot, at a junkyard owned by a man named Goat, who accidentally sold it for 50 cents. He managed to repair the robot completely and when its owner, Kiva Andru, returned from the future to get her robot back, she discovered that not only Coop was a master pilot, she could no longer control the robot. Together with Kiva and his pal, Jamie, they battled kaijus, giant robots and alien threats. The most requiring threat however, were the Glorft. This alien race originally created Megas, before Kiva stole and sent it to the past. Trying to retrieve it, the Glorft followed Kiva and the M.E.G.A.S. unit to the past but after Coop destroyed the Time Drive Device, trapped them in the past. 

After years of battling, Coop finally defeated the Glorft, after they tried to fire the moon into the Earth. This victory changed Coop however, it ignited a lust for battle in him and soon, he became obsessed by battle and as time progressed, he became more cruel, more violent. When he had bested every enemy that dared challenging him, he quickly turned to allies. In the meantime, he kept improving M.E.G.A.S., using material harvested from beaten opponents. Concentrated on battling, he would eventually lose a large portion of his weight, until he reached a muscular build. He would eventually abandon M.E.G.A.S. and replace it with a new robot, M.E.G.A.S 13 and in all of this, Kiva followed him. His mad galatic crusade, drew the attention of both the Justice League as the Green Lantern Corps. Seeing this as a betrayal, he joined the Sinestro Corps and the Injustice League and together, they defeated the Green Lanterns and GLC, placing Earth off limits to the Guardians. Seeing that he just defeated Earth's mighiest heroes and the GLC, Coop decided to conquer Earth. After turning on the Sinestro Corps and ending their reign as well, he had the Injustice League built him an army of Robots which they would use to conquer Earth. This was however the last straw for Jamie, who tried to stop Coop. This drove a wedge between the two friends, but Kiva tried to talk with Jamie. As they were dating, she believed that she could convince him for their cause. She still believed that Coop would help her to get back at the future and was angry at Jamie for not realizing that this were neccessary steps. He lashed out at her, claiming that she had lost any direction and stated that she was too concentrated on her future, to see what happened to Coop.

Realizing that she couldn't be reasoned with, he decided to execute his original plans when she came to him and had her taken under shot by military agents. Seeing how he betrayed her, she broke up with him, by stabbing him in the face with a stilleto, leaving a Y-formed scar on his face. She was stopped by one of the agents, who shot her in the right eye. She was however rescued later by Coop, who had Gizmo cybernize her further, replacing her lost eye with green cybernetic one. After this, his conquest continued and eventually, he started to replace his allies by AI's, to prevent further betrayal. His former allies would eventually be executed.

After his army was formed, Coop started WOIII. Using the advanced technology they possessed, Coop and Kiva almost wiped out the world. That what remained of the population fled underground or joined the Resistance, led by Jamie. The Resistance used the remains of Karrajor and the Glorft's mechas to fight and for the next 5 years, Coop and Kiva would search for the Resistance. They found it, when a past version of him accidentally opened a portal to their timeline, was captured by Jamie and accidentally exposed the location of the Karrajor. Discovering where the rebels had been, he commanded his troops to kill them all. After learning that there were different timelines, he decided to conquer this dimension next. This led the Coop and the Gorrath from the alternative timeline to team up with Jamie and attack Coop at his fortress. Although they managed to damage the portal device, Coop got the last laugh as he destroyed his döppleganger's M.E.G.A.S. Mecha.

He didn't realize that his own original M.E.G.A.S. was still functional and in his garage. But at the time, his döppleganger returned with his M.E.G.A.S. Mecha, Coop opened a portal to the döppleganger's dimension and ordered his troops to conquer it. But in an odd turn of events, his döppleganger and the Glorft from this dimension had joined forces and together managed beat both him as Kiva. On their way back to their own dimension, his döppleganger warned Jamie of their return, who destroyed the portal as the two past through. This trapped both him and Kiva between dimensions. For the next 5 years, they were trapped in the Dream World, having entered a dream of James Glover, who dreamt about Lurps. The Sandman who don't take it lightly when people try to mess with his realm, trapped them in this dream, after seperating from James.

He and Kiva were discovered by Mandark Astronomonov. Although at first they tried to kill him and use his teleporting device to finally escape the stream of dimensions they had traveled through, Mandark managed to convince them to listen, especially when he revealed to be from the same dimension as the Coop who helped to lock them away. He teleported away, leaving the two behind in the dream.

Powerpuff Girls Ω - Chapter 4

A few months later, when Mandark had finished a portal to the Dream World, he lured Dexter and Coop to Hamunaptra and while Dexter would face Mandark, the latter kept Coop busy by freeing Coop and Kiva. The two weren't happy to see Coop back and immediately tried kill him. In the battle that followed the two had the upperhand for the most part and became arrogant. But with some skilled pilotting, Coop managed to take Kiva's mecha, so it would be a one-on-one between the two Coops. Coop used an EMP against Megas 12, disabling his opponent from using his weapons systems.

Powerpuff Girls Ω - Chapter 5

Soon, he learned that he has underestimated the physical prowess of his overweight counterpart, who bested him using the manual control. Realizing that he would be beaten by his alternative version, he did take extreme measures and planned to nuke Cairo and a large part of Egypt. Believing to have checkmated Coop, he laughed, revealing in his arrogance how he could be stopped. Much to döppleganger's horror, the only way to stop him was by destroying the head of the Mecha. Been giving no other choice, this earth's Coop decided to crush the head, with this Coop inside, killing him in the process.


Coop was a highly gifted man with a lazy attitude to life. He loved to eat, leading him to become incredibly obese and took great pleasure in modding cars, video gaming, metal culture and fighting kaijus and aliens with his Megas Mecha, and excelling in all. Despite his enjoyment of fighting and the fact he leveled his hometown of Jersey City on multiple occassion, he was never cruel and in fact a good man, who cared deeply for his friends. When people threatened him or his friends, he did tend to start an angry speech, listing the actions that bothered him and which he blamed his opponent for (not that said opponent was always responsible these actions.) He also took great pride in Megas

But after beating the Glorft, Coop changed. He became obsessed with victory and lost interest in everything else, food including, leading to become thinner in the process. He became a ruthless dictator, who without second thought turned on his own allies, when he ran out of enemies. Soon after, he would fight with GLC and conquered in Earth. He even turned on his best friend, Jamie, when he tried to talk sense into him. He had become sadistic and cruel and revelled in the idea that he would conquer Earth again. He was also very arrogant, believing that nobody could beat him. After his defeat at the hands of his alternative version and he was trapped in the Dream World for five years, he became bitter and swore revenge. Facing defeat once again at the hands of his younger self, and once again due to his arrogance, he planned to commit suicide by detonating a nuclear bomb that would ravage the whole of Egypt. This was his downfall however, as he underestimate his counterpart's determination to stop him.


Coop was a tall blond man with a goatee. Unlike his younger counterpart, whose is morbidly obese, he is a muscular man. He wore a blue pants and red vest that fits tightly. His shoulders are protected by a large silver shoulder guard, that covers his shoulders, and his neck. On the shoulder guard, a number 13 is painted.

Powers and Abilities

Coop has several abilities that made him a formidable adversary:

  • Advanced Intellect: Coop showed to be a master engineer when he repaired a robot from the future and modified it such a way, that he could pilot it using car components and a large variety of a game controllers. Later, he and Kiva would make two, even stronger mechas and army of mecha drones.
  • Master Manipulator: Coop was able to have Kiva Andru join him on his mad crusade through the galaxy, and later convinced the Legion of Doom/ the Injustice League to join him, before betraying them.
  • Master Strategist: Coop was able to wage long wars against the GLC, the Justice League and Earth's last remain heroes.
  • Mecha Piloting: Coop was a masterful Mecha piloting, beating kaijus and veteran mecha pilots with ease, with only little training and eventually managed to defeat everything the universe could throw at him.