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Manny Rivera
El TigreList
El Tigre at the age of 13
Name Manny Rivera
Alias El Tigre
Origin El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera
Sex Male
Age 18
Species Human (as Manny Rivera)

Transhuman (as El Tigre)

Status Alive
Eye Color Brown (as Manny Rivera)
Green (as El Tigre)
Hair Color Brown (as Manny Rivera)
White (as El Tigre)
Relatives Rodolfo Rivera (Father)†
Puma Rivera(Grandfather)†
Maria Rivera (Mother)†
Friends Frida Suárez†
Enemies Powerpuff Girls, Dexter (PPGΩ)
Occupation(s) Villain
Residence Miracle City (Formerly)
Manny Rivera, better known as El Tigre is one of the minor antagonist in Powerpuff Girls Ω and is would-be serial killer. He originates from the Nickelodeon show, El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera.


He was once taken care of by both Maria and Rodolfo until the former left since she could not cope with her husband ending up hurt with every battle. Afterwords, his Granpapi moved in and he was taken care of by him and his father. It was during this time in pre-school, he was once friends with Zoe Aves. Their friendship continued until he met Frida in detention, who quickly became his best friend, thus beginning the feud between Frida and Zoe. When Frida got kidnapped by Sartana, Manny used his El Tigre powers for the first time to save her. Unfortunately, he didn't watch what he was doing and accidentally scratched himself in the face, resulting in a scar on his face. Rodolfo warned Manny that this should be a lesson to him that his powers can hurt anyone even himself.

For years, he was a dubious hero in Miracle City. While he protected the city for villains, like Sartana of the Dead and El Oso, while he did commit some mischief, much to this displeasure of his father. Although he was always torn on the question if he wanted to a hero like his father or a villain like his grandfather.

On September 7th, 2010, a catalystic event ravaged several cities in the United States, which became known as the Omega Event. It was assumed by many that it destroyed six cities. There was however a seventh city destroyed during the Omega Event, Miracle City. Due to the coverup by the US government however, Miracle City didn't get any help. This turned Miracle City into an anarchistic hellhole where the criminals made the rules. Despite their best effort, the Miracle City's heroes didn't stand a change and soon hero after hero fell before the villains, until only one hero survived. Manny Rivera.

The horror of the Omega Event and its aftermath caught up with Manny, who gave up his role as hero. The harsh and cruel environment that Miracle City had become, Manny became a heartless villain who clawed his way to the top. Soon, he became the sole dictator of Miracle City, punishing all opposition severly. This course of actions attracted the interest of Brother Blood, who sought an audience with El Tigre and offered him a place at H.I.V.E. Academy. He promised El Tigre training and a change for revenge at the small prize of a human life. A prize that El Tigre was more than willing to pay and so began his training at H.I.V.E. He graduated in June 2015 and made plans to travel to Megaville.

Chapter 2

El Tigre had traveled to Megaville, to start a murder spree under the mantra of an eye for an eye. But before he would be able to start, he needed money. In order to finance his crusade and substain a life in Megaville, he tried to rob a jeweller. After the jeweller pressed the panic button, El Tigre changed his mind and decided to kill the jeweller as his first victim. But before he could gut the guy, he was stopped by Dexter.

Dexter tried to reason with El Tigre but the latter wasn't open for reason and battled the boy genius. In skill, he outmatched his opponent and quickly got the upperhand. He would have killed Dexter if it wasn't for the Powerpuff Girls who bested him. He was arrested by the Police and shipped of to Belle Reve.


As a young boy, Manny Rivera had a fun loving character, even if this fun can lead to trouble. But when his plans unexpectably backfire, he did take the responsibility to try and rectify his misdeeds, often using his El Tigre powers. He had however a very dualistic moral system. He was constant conflicted about being a hero, like his father or a villain like his grandfather. In most cases, he tends to choose to be the hero, although often choosing the easiest way to do it. His tendency to do good didn't always meant he did good.

His personality changed drastically after the Omega Event however. While at first, he tried to save his city, with every hero that fell, he became more bitter and after he lost his family and friends, the evil tendencies he always had to suppress, finally could manifest themselves. He became a merciless villain and with unrivaled brutality conquered New Miracle City, the most criminal place on Earth and became its dictator. His viciousness gained him such notoriety that he was handpicked by Brother Blood to become a student at H.I.V.E. Academy. When offered this opportunity, El Tigre showed his cunning as he accepted the offer as a way to get into the US. After graduating from H.I.V.E., he started his quest for revenge. He would start to kill US citizens until every soul of Miracle City was avenged, all 2,6 million of them! He hates it when people call him by his real name, stating that Manny died with his family and that only El Tigre is left.


Manny Rivera is a large man with a muscular, yet slender build. As El Tigre, he has bright green hair and white hair. If the belt is deactivated or removed, he has brown eyes and chocolate brown hair. He has a large scar over his left eye, a result of his first battle with Sartana of the Dead. He only has appeared as El Tigre so far in Powerpuff Girls Ω. He wears a face mask with tiger ears. He wears a black suit and a red scarf as well as cowboy boots and gloves. Around his waist, he wears his El Tigre Belt, the source of his power. He can summon a pair of claws at will that can be used to shred his opponents pieces. As El Tigre, he has also a fully functional tiger tail.

Powers and Abilities

His belt grants El Tigre several special abilities, which turn him into a transhuman, instead of a regular human.

  • Retracable Claws: El Tigre can retrace metal claws that can cut through almost every material and is strong enough to even harm the skin of other transhumans like the Powerpuff Girls.
  • Rocket Fists: El Tigre is able to launch his fists as projectiles to his opponents. He is still able to control his fists and they are connected to long chains.
  • Superhuman Agility: El Tigre has cat-like agility
  • Superhuman Durability: El Tigre is able to survive heavy beatings, small explosions and even attacks from Kaijus.
  • Superhuman Strenght: El Tigre posses enormous strenght, able to lift small cars with little effort.
  • 'Tail Manifestation': El Tigre has a long tiger tail that he use to grab things or hit things with a considerable force.
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