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Dexter McPhearson
Name Dexter McPhearson
Origin Dexter's Laboratory
Sex Male
Age 12
Species Human
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Orange
Relatives Mom

Dee Dee(Sister)
Fergle O'Reilly (Uncle)

Friends Blossom


Occupation(s) Student, Hero
Residence Genius Grove (Formerly)
Dexter McPhearson is one of the main characters in Powerpuff Girls Ω and is a boy genius. He originates from the Cartoon Network, Dexter's Laboratory. He debuts in chapter 1 of Powerpuff Girls Ω


Before Powerpuff Girls Ω

Dexter McPhearson was born in 2003, as the second child and only son of Susan O'Reilly and Franky McPhearson. From a young age, Dexter showed himself to be very intelligent and good with technology. Using his intellect, he was able to create a small laboratory in a closet in his room. At the age of 6 however, he discovered how to create a portal and a pocket dimension. With this invention, he build a portal in his room to this pocket dimension, where he build his lab. He hid the portal, behind a bookshelf, to keep it a secret to world and his parents. His lab was however quickly discovered by his sister, who would constantly visit the lab and demolish the place, with her dangerous curiosity and her legendary clumsiness. 

He did care for her however and with Dee Dee growing older and became more mature (especially after the death of Bo), and he trusted her more and more. At one point, when he felt that his mind needed to rest, he went to meditiate with her. It was then that she asked him to never try to play "god" and stay away from experimenting with the forces of life. He promised her he won't do that. After the Omega Event, Dexter was asked by the Government to help with the construction of Megaville as well as investigating the cause of the Megaville. He was also involved with Imaginary War Project. The Project had as goal to create weapons that would be able to kill every type of Imaginary Friend, no matter how powerful as well as prevent its creator to make other Imaginary Friends in the future. He was responsible for the Cambion, a tracking device that was able find these creators. This was exposed to the world, during his war with Mandark Astranomonov. Being made vulnerable, Mandark was able to breach the lab and bring the war to Dexter's turf. Using Nos-4-A-2's drones, that suck the energy out of devices, Mandark gained the upper hand and trashed the lab. But even close to defeat, Dexter didn't give up. When he was ordered by Mandark to surrender, he would rather have died. And he would got his wish, if it wasn't for Dee Dee, who jumped in front of him and gave her life for his.

Not able to cope with this loss, he came back on his promise and tried to resurrect her. With the destruction of his labs, it would took his six months to rebuild his lab, and at this time, her organs had been used to save other people. Starting from the bottom, he made a cyborganic gynoid in her image, using real organs in a fully mechanical body. The organs were created with the help of advanced stem cell research, but when the body was finished, it still missed something, a soul. Using the book Daemonolatreia, an occult masterpiece, containing the some of the darkest secrets of witchcraft as well as how to sell one's soul to a devil. He was stopped however by Dee Dee's spirit, who stopped him.

Realizing what he has become, Dexter left his lab and fled to her grave. There he found Mandark, who had disappeared for a few months. Enraged by seeing Mandark at her tombstone, seeing it as a desecration of her memory. He drew a scalpel as he grabbed the tie of Mandark, ready to exact his revenge. Having discovered how Mandark escaped capture, namely by using a chrono-lock watch, Dexter destroyed the watch by stabbing it, before leaving. After the death of Dee Dee, he and his parents moved from Genius Grove to Megaville. He used his technology to become a superhero, helping out the police. He also wrote several articles for Scientific America. 

Chapter 1

He was a fellow student of the Powerpuff Girls after they transferred to Megaville Junior High and was appointed as to be her guide. He was later talking with Eddward and was carried away by the conversation, only to be rudely reminded that there were other people around them. After a confrontation with Eddy, Eddward explained Eddy's backstory and mentioned that everyone has skeletons in their closet, as he looked at Dexter, a gesture that didn't went unnoticed to Blossom.

Chapter 2

Dexter joined the Powerpuff Girls as they paid their respect to their deceased friends in the Omega Spiral Memorial. He left the memorial sit however when he intercepted a distress call from a jeweller. He quickly went on to investigate and confronted Manny Rivera, better known as El Tigre. He tried to talk the former hero out of his murderous plans but he was forced to battle the villain. Although they were equally matched in weaponry, the same couldn't be said about their skill and soon Dexter was beaten by El Tigre, who would have killed him if it wasn't for the Powerpuff Girls. They went on to ask him why he left them out of this, to which he replied that he didn't wanted to disturb their grieving. Eventually Buttercup asked him about El Tigre's change from dubious hero to psychotic villain. Dexter complied by telling them about the fate of Miracle City and H.I.V.E. Academy. His story shocked the Powerpuff Girls but none were really sympathetic towards El Tigre, who still had chosen his path in life.

Back in school, they started science class, with Blossom working together with Otto Osworth and Dexter. She went to retrieve their assignement, she met with Mac, who warned her about Dexter, before accusing the latter of murder.

Chapter 4

After capturing Blossom, Mandark had sent Jason Voorhees to Megaville Junior High and sent a message to Dexter. Dexter's greatest fear was confirmed when decoded the message and discovered that Mandark was behind the attack. With the help of Coop, he traveled to Hamunaptra, Egypt to confront Mandark. Mandark had anticipated that Dexter would bring Coop along, so Mandark created a portal to return Evil Coop and Kiva to Earth. Dexter was launched by Coop into Mandark's flying fortress. Using some tricks he picked on from Uncle Fergle O'Reilly, he was able to deceive Mandark, before battling him with gauntlets. The intense battle concluded with Dexter about to deliver the finishing blow, before Mandark played his dirtiest trick: transforming his gauntlet into Dee Dee's visage, in order to block Dexter's attack. Dexter broke off his attack, which have Mandark the opportunity to grab his head, ready to kill him...


Dexter is a supremely brilliant boy with a vast knowledge of all sciences. Though American, Dexter speaks in an unspecified accent. Dexter used to have a massive ego and was often mean-spirited towards those he considered inferior but the years have granted him humility and a more altruistic way of life, who uses his scientific inventions to help people. 


Dexter is a bit short, although somewhat larger than in his original appearance. He has red curly hair with some spikes at his crown and a short mullet. He still wears his semi-circular glasses. but it is revealed that he has blue eyes. Most of the times he is seen wearing a white lab-coat, the top half buttoned while the bottom is left unbuttoned. Underneath he wears a normal black shirt. He wears blue pants and are stuck into his black boots. In addition to that he also wears purple gloves. In his school uniform he still wears the same only his white lab shirt more open.

Powers and Abilities

  • Peak Human Intellect: Dexter is one of the smartest humans on Earth, who despite his young age created his own lab and have made great discoveries and scientific inventions.
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