DeeDee is Dexter's older, Bubbly, high spirited, sweet natured but extremely Destructive Sister, Who originates from the Classic Cartoon Network Show Dexter's Laboratory. Unlike her portrayal in Bleedman's original Story, This DeeDee is still very much alive and a Good Friend of the Powerpuff Girls.


Much like in the original show, DeeDee had for years, had joyous time, Dancing and wreaking havoc in Dexter's Secret Laboratory. However during an attack by Mandark, She saved Dexter from a blast from one of Mandark's robots by throwing herself on Dexter to the ground. The Blast barely missed them and hit the lab's main power core, Causing a Massive explosion and which destroyed almost all of Dexter's Experiments and projects and exposed his lab to the World AND his parents. Dexter and DeeDee (Having survived all Cartoon styled Fried and black sooty) were left to face Their quite miffed parents while had believed he had finally achieved victory. But ultimately, This would lead to Dexter's Greatest Success! The incident had attracted the attention of famed Super-Scientist, Dr. Benton Quest, Father of World Famous child Adventurer Johnny Quest. Dr. Quest saw potential for Dexter's genius and through guidance and a few contracts, Dexter had Created DEXLabs and Through that, Megaville was created. Dexter and DeeDee were then enrolled in Megaville K-8 (Dexter still had to finish education curriculum.) Where they met the Powerpuff Girls, The Eds, Billy and Mandy and So on. DeeDee continues to make a annoyance to Dexter on a daily basis, But does help out in the Battle against the Darkstar Council. Her absolute Best Friends since have Bubbles and Jenny XJ9.


As in the show, DeeDee continues to be high spirited, bubbly, destructive and pea-brained. However she is a very caring and loving person as she loves Dexter dearly. She can make friend with either the smallest bug or the biggest Kaiju. With the exception of Dexter, Most people find her a joy to be around. Though it is clear that Dexter does love his sister. DeeDee was a bit wary of Olga "Lalavava" (LIGHTNING STRIKES) Astronomivov crushing on Dexter, she soon came to adore it.