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Grim Reaper, The Celestial of Death (Sol System)
Name Celestial
Ruler The Mother of Existence
Reside in Dimensions of the Sol System
Species Cosmic Entities
Introduced in Grim Tales: From The Other Side

Celestials are cosmic entities, known for their godlike abilities and being amongst the most powerful beings in the universe, often only rivalled in power by other Celestials or the creations of Celestials. The Celestials are creator gods, created by the Mother of the Existence to shape the solar systems. Each solar system that was meant to hold life, has been given a group of Celestials, who are charged to create life and control it. Each Celestial has been bestowed with a certain concept over which it is given control. The appearance of Celestials can alter and are chosen by the Celestial itself.


Ω Universe


Ω Universe

Sol System

Celestial Picture Title Description
Bill Cipher
Celestial of the Mind

Bill Cipher, the Celestial of the Mind was created when the first beings with sentients rose. Ordered to bring me order to the world of the mind, Bill soon revealed himself to be a megalomaniac with more interest in chaos. A monster hellbent on domination over all of reality, Bill never should be allowed to enter our world again, as where Bill reigns, insanity flourish.

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Celestial of Earth

Chernabog, the Celestial of Earth was created to terraform the worlds of Earth and Mars so they could support life. In nature, not evil, he was turned by Lucifer when it became clear that his domain was threatened by the Firstborn, God's failed creation. But as an end result of the war, he was trapped in Limbo, having become one with the highest mountain in the Limbo World, Bald Mountain.

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Celestial of Time

Clockwork, the Celestial of Time was created to bring progress into the Sol System. Without movement of time, there is no chance and no evolution. Clockwork is amongst the oldest of the Celestials and one of the most powerful. He did however eventually fall in the Great Divide and came back as a ghost. Now watching over time, from his citadel, he allows the Salamindrine Men to believe themselves to be his master...

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Cima da Conegliano, God the Father
Celestial of Heaven

God, the Celestial of Heaven was created to help shape the universe. A divine being that saw itself as Good Incarnated, he was distrusting of his brother, especially of those who dwell in the dark. Out of fear that the dark ones would populate the earth, he tried to create a creature of his own, with the Firstborn but inadvertally led to the Great Divide. In his attempt to rectify his mistakes, he became the very thing he hated most and was later slain by the Grim Reaper. He is the only fallen Celestial to return as a Spirit, rather than a ghost.

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Grim Reaper
Celestial of Death

The Grim Reaper, the Celestial of Death, was created as an opposite to Shen Guang, the Celestial of Life, bring balance to the circle of life. Grim was tasked with reaping the souls of those whose bodies would be no longer be able to substain them as well as prevent overpopulation should it ever be necessary. During the Great Divide, Grim took on a neutral position but in the later stages of the war, God forced his hand when the latter tried to break through the Gates of Eden, and Grim challenged him to a duel, this led to a battle that went on for a thousand, this until Grim was able to reap God's soul, becoming the most powerful Celestial of all...

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Kur's head
Celestial of Fauna

Kur, the Celestial of Fauna, was created to help shape evolution, together with Undergrowth. He is the master of animals and have complete control over these. His favorites however where animals with extra-ordinary abilities. Those animals were known as Cryptids. After the Great Divide, he returned to his "pets". Over the eons, humans became the ruling species, over species like Vampires, Yetis, Lemurians and Nagas. This enraged Kur, who started to wage war against humans. While Lemurians joined forces with the humans, the Nagas encouraged Kur to exterminate humans completely, instead of driving them back. This turned out to be a horrible mistake as Kur was eventually beaten AND killed by the human ruler, Gilgamesh. To prevent his return as a ghost or spirit, Gilgamesh locked away his soul in the tablet, known as the Kur Stone.

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Lucifer Celestial of Hell Lucifer, the Celestial of Hell, was the original ruler of the whole Underworld and the opposite of God. Known as the Prince of Lies, he was able to create great animosity between the Celestials and eventually was able to generate enough distrust that God created the Firstborn to prevent the "Dark Ones" from creating a sapient species to rule earth. This allowed him to accuse the latter of breaking the rules, which led to Great Divide. But in the end, he drew the short straw however and was beaten by the Forces of Light. Being considered too dangerous to be allowed to become a ghost, he was instead trapped at the Underworld's North Pole, Perfi'Denonax at the center of Lake Cocytus.

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Celestial of Night Nocturne, the Celestial of Night was created a day/night cycle, this is to make life becoming more competitive. During the Great Divide, he choose to side with the Forces of Darkness, hoping to gain more power and eventually gain the abilities that belong to Sandman. This backfired however as he was one of the first to die in the war, after being sacrificed by Pariah Dark. This betrayal led him to return as a Ghost. With humans starting to become the dominant species while night creatures like Vampires are dying out, he has started a new mission, ruling over humans and gather the strength neccessary to block out the sun!

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Odin Light
Celestial of Light Odin Light, the Celestial of Light is the embodiement of light in the Sol System and meant to be one half of the Light/Darkness Balance in the system. A wise and noble warrior, Odin is one of the most honoured and respected of the Celestials. By his nature, he had a rivalry with his brother, Pariah Dark and they fighted small battles over the years. When Pariah Dark created the Realm of Shadows, instead of taking immediate actions, he reconceilled with his brothers to decide what course of action would be best. With the grace of his brothers, he created the Plane of Eternal Light, to return to balance to existence. During the Great Divide, he sided with God. In the battle, his rivalry with Pariah Dark reached a boiling point, which result in Odin losing an eye, a favor he would later return. After the war and after dealing with Pariah's final contigency plan, he returned to his own true kingdom, the Heavenly Realm of Vallahala.

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Pariah Dark
Celestial of Darkness Pariah Dark, the Celestial of Darkness is the embodiement of darknessin the Sol System and meant to be one half of the Light/Darkness Balance in the system. A cunning and deceitful warrior, Odin is one of the most distrusted and feared of the Celestials. By his nature, he had a rivalry with his brother, Odin Light and they fighted small battles over the years. True to his deceitful nature, he created a realm of complete darkness, the Realm of Shadows. This creation was seen as an attack on the Balance and a counter-realm was created. This realm served three purposes however. His actions let to new rules between the Celestials, promising immediate actions if any of them threaten the balance again. It also let God to have his fear of the Dark Ones confirmed and let him to create the Firstborn, which was another threat to the balance. This action led Lucifer to declare battle rights and started the Great Divide. Pariah was a great general in the conflict and even manage to take out one of Odin's eyes. He was however killed later by Odin, with a shot of pure light through his own eye. Pariah's final trick would be revealed soon however as he released "The Great Shadow" from the Realm of Shadows, it final purpose. This Great Shadow would eventually lead to the birth of Aku. Pariah himself returned as a ghost as started a new conquest: becoming the King of All Ghosts...

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Celestial of Day Ra, the Celestial of Day was created a day/night cycle, this is to make life becoming more competitive. During the Great Divide, he choose to side with the Forces of light, believing in the good of his Brother God, claiming that the creation of the Firstborn was an honest mistake. Even more than Odin Light, did he dreaded the creation of a Shadowrealm, and its species and would fight them whenever he got the opportunity. After Odin lost an eye to Pariah Dark, it was Ra who helped him beat the Celestial. After defeating Pariah Dark, he joined Odin and Vishnuu on their quest to destroy the "Great Shadow". He felt great hatred towards it and was horrified to learn that a part of it escaped and crashed on Earth. He made it his mission to destroy rogue shadows wherever they appeared. After the Great Divide, he took rule over the Spirit Realm.

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Sandman Martin Mystery
Celestial of Dreams Sandman, the Celestial of Dreams was created to rule over the world of Dreams, protecting the minds of sentient beings as they sleep. The body recovers better during sleep, when the mind is temporary removed. Keeping those souls occupied in the Dream World, safe from harm, was the best option. Sandman is very reclusive and rarely leaves his realm, leading him to take a neutral position during the Great Divide, until his hand was forced. He hates it when people try to temper with his realm. He is known to trap sentients in dreams or hire bounty hunters to chase down rogue Dream Demons. When his hand is forced however, Sandman will confront his enemies personally and as he is omnipotent in the Dream World, he is a nightmare incarnate for those who face his wrath.

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Shen Guang
Shen GuangList
Celestial of Life Shen Guang, the Celestial of Life is one of the oldest Celestials and is the creator of life in the Sol System. Ruling over Eden he crafts souls with his mighty hammer and the four elements. He is the only being that really can create life, giving it a soul. A wise and noble soldier, he remained neutral during the Great Divide, a decision he would later regret when God decided to punish those who stay neutral as well. Shen Guang closed the Gates of Eden to all during the conflict and was almost forced to face God at the Gates of Eden, if it wasn't for his brother, Grim, who took his place. Grim managed to defeat God, which turned the latter into a spirit and led to the creation of the 7 seals. Shen Guang did however learn from this experience and decided that he would fight his own battles from now on. For this purpose he created 4 powerful souls that took the form of the Four Soevereigns. Each Soevereign, he gave 3 powerful servants to aid them, the Devas. Together, they defeated the Great Dragon, Niddhog and delivered his soul to The Three Judges. It was a signal to all, nobody would violate Eden's soevernity ever again!

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Celestial of Flora Undergrowth, the Celestial of Flora, was created to help shape evolution, together with Kur. He is the master of plant-life and have complete control over these. He has a great hate towards animal life, seeing it as a threat to his "children". This stems from the fact no animal can produce their own food like plants and require plants or other animals as food source to life. Being promised by Pariah Dark that this would be solved once their side won their Great Divide, he joint the gorup. He was however the first of the Celestials to die however and this at the hands of Pariah after Undergrowth tried assassinate Kur without the permission of the other Dark Ones. Pariah Dark saw this as a sign of Undergrowth's unreliable nature and killed him to take his power. Angered and humiliated by this betrayal, Undergrowth would return as a ghost, the first Celestial to do this.

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Celestial of Space Vishnuu, the Celestial of Space was created to rule over the concept of space, giving the planets a place to exist. One of the most powerful Celestials, it is the only Celestial that can delude the eyes of Clockwork, without special items. He was however tricked by God in helping him executing Clockwork after the latter refused to join them and portrayed as having joined the Dark Ones. Once he learned of the deceit, Vishnuu fell remorseful and in an attempt to rectify his mistakes, helped Odin and Ra to destroy the great Darkness, released by Pariah Dark. After the war and after destroying the Darkness, he returned to the Heavens and ruled over the realm of Paradise.

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Celestial of Climate Vortex, the Celestial of Climate was created to create weather patterns, to improve the development of species. Although he was meant to help life, Vortex quickly grew bored and decided to experiment more, with more extreme weather patterns. This was however halted by the Light Ones who asked him to stop this experiment. Humiliated by it, he would join to the Dark Ones, during the Great Divide but drew the short straw when facing off against God. He was the second Celestial to fall in the conflict and the second to return as a Ghost. Seeing humans as weak, he attempted to return to the human world to wreak havoc. But to his horror, his signature weapon was kept by Angels who used it against him. The weapon was spectral Barometer and was returned to the Salamindrine men, who agreed on caging him as they did with Pariah Dark.