Bubbles is the light blue wearing, Blonde, Super sweet and Ultra cute Sister of Blossom and Buttercup, Originating from the Cartoon Network series The Powerpuff Girls. This version of the character originates from GrandMike's rewrite of Bleedman's Powerpuff girls Doujinshi.


Following the elimination of all crime and super villainy is Townsville, Bubbles, Her sisters and the Professor relocate to the new super city of Megaville. Enrolling in Megaville K-8, Bubbles makes the most progress in making new friends. Her absolute favorite friends there are Dexter's sister DeeDee and for some reason known only to her, Mandy. She also adopts Courage the Cowardly dog after being introduced to him by Sensei Jack. Bubbles is a fan of J-Pop (Example, Smile.DK)


Blossom and Buttercup

Bubbles loves her sisters with all her super sweet heart. Though Buttercup picks on her from time to time, Buttercup loves her as well and Blossom is very protective of Bubbles.


Once her former RRB rival, Bubbles makes it no secret that she absolutely loves Blue Rowdyruff boy Boomer. It's is she who sees through Boomer's dumbfounding stupidity and sees the wonderful boy within. Boomer adores her as well and their team up technique looks a look like The Rasengan of Naruto fame.


Bubbles adores Courage the Cowardly dog. She's rarely been seen without him since. She greatly dislikes Courage's former owner Eustace.


Bubbles considers Mandy one of her best friends. But being the Heartless, domineering monster of a girl Mandy can be, She doesn't seem to mind her company. NAY, Dare anyone say it, Mandy seems to have a special place in Mandy's Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, VERY small, Virtually non-existent Heart.


Practically Sisters themselves and with Many of the same interests, Bubbles and DeeDee might as well be joined at the hip.

Powers and abilities

Bubbles possess all of the same powers as her sisters, but her own personal power is a sonic scream and she seems faster then they are. One of her favorite attacks is a blast that looks like the Sonic Boom from Street Fighter.