Blossom is one of the main characters of the Cartoon Network hit show The Powerpuff girls and a Main character of Bleedman's fan manga Powerpuff girls Doujinshi. The Blossom in Question here is a version from Deviantart writer Gojira012's Retelling PPGD rewrite


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Blossom possess all the same personality aspects she has in her actual show and in Bleedman's Doujinshi. She is brave, highly intelligent, tactical, hard working and selfless. She is one of the leaders on "The Team" and has come view all it's closest members as her family. She is dedicated to the fight against the DarkStar Council and defeating the secret threat they pose toward Earth. She loves her sisters greatly and would do anything to protect them. She has lots of patience, but it's often tested. Such as with Buttercup's attitude, Brick and Dexter's arguing, And Coop's Destructive antics with Megas, Uncle Ruckus's truly Horrible nature and Grandad Robert Freeman's bullheadedness. She has a great love for romance novels and often turns to them when she tries to sort her feeling out on Brick.


Bubbles and Buttercup

Blossom never feels whole on the battlefield unless she's with her sisters. She's extremely protective of Bubbles and while she has problems with Buttercup, loves her dearly.

Brick (GrandMike's PPGD

Former arch-rival turned love interest. Brick had been watching Blossom's first fight with Bell and for reasons he couldn't understand, Flew off to investigate. After tracking her to Mandark and Mojo's lair, While watching Dexter's fight with Mandark, He secretly hit the release button on Blossom's holding tank freeing her. After discovering that the Rowdyruff boys had been resurrected by Global Defenders and encountering them, The Girls and Boys began a rematch. But in their own personal duel, Blossom was surprised to see that Brick was not only stronger, Thanks to the Global Defenders training, But also he was fighting more smarter, more tactical, more skillful. Not driven so much by violence or revenge (which surprised even Brick himself) But as for desire for a fair rematch. As the battle continued, They began to lose much of the disdain they had originally had for each other and began to greatly enjoy the match out of sheer fun. As Brick was more mature and disciplined this time round. After he and his brothers discovered Dr. Brisbane's own despicable plans for them, They worked to destroy his Operations and took there leave of Global Defenders instead pursuing to fight for Justice on there own terms. Per Blossom's insistence, Brick was made a Leader of "The Team". Through their adventures, Feelings between the two have begun to grow. They have team up technique similar to the Sekiha Love Tenkyoken from G Gundam.


Blossom's first new friend in Megaville, Blossom was initially put off by Dexter's smug arrogance and obnoxious Ego. But after they got to know each other better and Dexter leading a rescue to save her life, They began to become friends. Dexter is considered THE Leader of the Team (Him being the First Cartoon Network Original) and Blossom always knows his smarts are usually the ones to turn to.

Powers and Abilities

Blossom (Like her Sisters) has Super Strength, Super Speed, Flight, laser eyes, nigh invulnerability and can fire energy blasts from her hands. She has her own power of ice breath. She is well versed in martial arts and is the most balanced fighter of her sisters. Tutelage under Sensei Jack has further developed her skills. She has a high aptitude for science.


In PPGD Rewrite Blossom and everyone else look the way they did in Bleedman's original art style for the comic.