Bell is a character original to Bleedman's Powerpuff girls Doujinshi. This particular version of the Character is from Gojira012 fanfiction, PPGD Rewrite.


Bell is a creation of the Evil Dr.X and is herself a Powerpuff Girl. Only she's designed to be their superior in everyway. She's was made through Chemical X and strands of each of the original Powerpuff Girls DNA. She's one of the key members of the Darkstar council and Partner to the White Evil Rowdyruff Blaine.


Bell's personality is EXTREMELY Hard to determine. She's a Super sweet Girly girl one minute and ruthless fighting machine the next. She absolutely loves Zim's robot Gir (who she calls Girly) and Virtually was never seen without him. She thinks of Dr. X as her Father, and despite X's truly evil nature he does seem to love her. Though she is for some parts, Seemingly Sweet natured, frolicking and Naïve, Bell can have a ruthlessly fun need for destruction and violence. She at first seemed to have crush on Mandark. But after (At first Anyway) When Mandark was seemingly lost when his lab exploded, and When Dr. X created Blaine, Bell fell head over heels in love with him and makes it a point to be with him everywhere he goes. Much to the more ruthless Blaine chagrin. However as partners, They are a truly lethal combination. (Think 17 and 18 from DBZ) Though she was made to Destroy all the Powerpuff Girls, Bell has developed a personal rivalry with Blossom. When Zim left the Darkstar Council to join Dexter's "Team", He took Gir with him. Bell was devastated. However despite his annoyance with her, Blaine went to pains trying find her a replacement for him.

Powers and Abilities

Bell possesses all of the Powerpuff girls powers, But through Dr. X's experiments in her creation she's significantly stronger then all of them and possess all of their individual powers.