Anubis by bleedman
Anubis and his ward, Greg
Name Anubis
Origin Egyptian Mythology
Sex Male
Age + years
Species Demon
Status Alive
Eye Color White
Hair Color None
Friends Grim Reaper
Occupation(s) Judge of the Dead
Residence Osiris Courthouse, Land of the Dead
 Anubis is a minor character in Powerpuff Girls Ω and a minor character in Grim Tales: From The Other Side. Anubis is a demon and Judge of the Dead. One of the most powerful demons in the Underworld, only he can judge the dead and decided who is sent to what place after they die. He is strict when it comes to rules and will enforce them to the letter, even when it displeases him and those he respect.


"There is no Jugde more fair and more of a stickler, than nobel Lord Anubis. His sense of justice is rather unique for a demon and that made him the perfect choice to become my judge. Judging the souls of all those who I reaped, brought to him by Charon, introduced to him by Greg. Never could I have dreamed he would be so efficient at his job and I can say, for sure that he is one of my greatest assets. Yes, I can say, I made a great choice that day. But still, being burdened with the task to judge all souls, he has condemned many a soul to the most awful places in Underworld. All those souls he must have condemned over the years, knowing the fates that they would meet... It can't have been easy, especially when you considered he remembers every face..."

-Anubis' Introduction, in Ahriman Dimenanos Necropendiax